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Epilepsy/seizure remedies

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I'd like to gather a compilation of all possible natural, non-pharmaceutical remedies for seizures and epilepsy. From physical excercise, to breathing excercises, to foods, to herbs, to fungi, to trees, all the possibilities are to be discussed. Discuss what has worked for you. I'm trying to help a friend who's tired of the negative effects of Keppra (levetiracetam), and wishes to look for alternate remedies, as Keppra is not allowing my friend to enjoy life to the fullest.

My friend wishes to discontinue Keppra use but since Keppra has been associated with giving seizures after discontinuing use (even in non-epileptic beings), my friend must keep taking Keppra while integrating these non-pharmaceutical remedies, and lower the dose gradually as improvement is observed. Some of Keppra's side effects include hostility, irritability, mood swings, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and muscle weakness. You can imagine how these side effects can hurt someone, I wish for all the help that I can get. Thank you in advance. Send your healing energy to my friend if you can, send love, peace, health, and abundance.
was looking for specific hardware for a particular idea and came across braincom and their device that literally switches off seizures. check it out it's awesome from a technical perspective.
Definitely try nutritional ketosis, you can achieve it if you cut your carbs below 30-50 grams daily. I've been in keto for 3 months for different reasons, and it's really not that hard. Care for your electrolyte levels and water intake!

Over at reddit/keto everyone talks about how it helps with epilepsy and lots of different inflammatory diseases.

Also try the Wim Hof method, it can't hurt and helped a lot of people - although i don't think it cures epilepsy or other seizures.
Hi, I'm interested in this too. My 10 month baby has been diagnosed epileptic one week ago. They want to give him Keppra too... I'm not really good with it. Some advice ?
(I will explain his case in detail as soon as I have time)
My two year old daughter was put on Keppra for havng one seizure that lasted over five minutes a month before her two year birthday. This stuff was horrid she was hallucinating (seeing spiders on the walls), causing her imbalance/dizziness problems to the point she was not able to play without falling over and injuring herself, once she started to get lethargic I had to go to a specialist over two hundred miles away to get her off the stuff with proper medical monitoring. I would've driven all the way to Colorado to get my baby started on a high cbd regimen if that is what it would've taken to get the proper care for her. Thankfully it was just a one time occurence that worked its way out on its own. Luckily the doctor who was quick to start overmedicating my daughter after he initally said he wouldn't had his license stripped away from him and is no longer practicing and we were able to find a specialist that put our mind at ease during that rough time. I wish you all the best in finding the right treatment :)
Thanks bro !
It is nice to hear real experiences.

My son had a brain hemorrhage at 1 month. He almost died in a peruvian hospital but after two weeks he recovered quite nicely.
From this time 8 months have passed, he had only one epileptic crisis related to fever at month 6.
Recently he started to have several absence type crisis each day (between 1 and 8 max). The EEG showed a small partial epileptic activity and a retarded development of the brain due to the hemorrhage.
The doctor prescribed keppra for him. I have the treatment with me just in case that I want to start giving it at one point. I do not trust so much this kind of "medicine" so I'm searching for an alternative.
Me and my wife are ready to do everything possible in order to have contact with some open minded doctor or specialist or just intelligent people... I do not trust the Peruvian doctors we have met, the French one neither.
Do somebody has an idea ? We can travel all over the world and we love adventure.
Thank you all for the help and support we can find on this forum and on this earth.
Nutritional ketosis. The diet is used for treatment of epilepsy, and it has done a lot for my own auto immune disease. It might help.

High dose CBD may be useful as well.

Good luck.
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