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Equinoxs and Solstices

Hey Coatl,

How have you been?

I have been wandering down some interesting paths - one that I often think of when I *see* you.
Those lovely succulents of yours? How are they doing?

Do you ever have dreams with little fun guys?

(Don't get mad? thx! I really am curious - and maybe we could discuss plants etal in regular email? I don't come to Forum very often anymore, but you were the one I liked talking to the most.?

Thx - have a good one,

FelixsMom (aka Bev)
Your an awesome person and I really like you, but I wished you'd stop posting off topic.

You didn't say a word in the above post about Equinoxs OR Solstices... or anything even close to being on topic!

Please, who ever posts in this thread next... make it on topic.
I think this is a very good idea. :)

It not only works as a "special day" sort of thing, but it has a real religious context for many, including myself. Samhain, or Halloween would also be an interesting day to have a synched event. :)
Winter Solstice = December 21

I'm having a big Ayahuasca camping party!

What are y'all doing?!
Dec. 21st is coming up... anybody doing anything?

I may hold an Aya' session, anybody down for a small gathering in hyperspace? Aya' travelers prefered, but anybody will do...
[quote='Coatl]Dec. 21st is coming up... anybody doing anything?


There is a shamanic/pagan gathering which is where I am at for the solstice.

There may be some hyperspace tourism :)
Im up for a synched journey... Some friends and I will be at an outdoor forest gathering celebrating the solstice... there should be a few of us up for it. :)

what time shall we synch?
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