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Espurrr's mescaline forest

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What's going on with the cactus kebab! While I'm pretty sure that might work for about 24 hours, I'm not certain you'll see the results you are expecting with just a kebab. Perhaps if a weight were applied such as some washers over top of the tooth picks you might stand a chance, but I'm betting the cacti separate without the application of some washers to weigh those little guys down.

And while we are at it... why not just use self adhesive coban to hold them down?

Alright, I'll wait in suspense now... wishing you the best of luck:thumb_up: , but not seeing much of a future here.:?:
heyo, yes i realized what i had done a bit after and tried to fix it, so i cut very accurately above the aeroles of the stock and here we go
i think its very certain that the 2 on the sides won't take because of the picks inside of them, this better had been done with tiny needles, i tried to work with parafilm but i kept either not putting enough pressure or putting too much and something like 4 out of 10 grafts would take
so i thought i try new things, im gonna do with fabric threads more this time and see if i can make it work, problem being if i could do it with parafilm it would be a 30 second job.


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Espurrr said:
started germinating seeds a year ago, after buying cacti and learning to graft, here we are (not a 1 man job)
You are a mad scientist.

but what you have done to some peyote by sticking a toothpick in them just seems cruel! how could you Espurrr!? HOW COULD YOU!?!

I have done only 2 grafts so far and am quite proud of them :)
long time no cactus


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Hey Espurrr! Great Job
Obviously you are using LED lights, LEDs are ok, they "throw" the light further than mh/hps/flouresc, but it look like that little cannabis seedling you have is not getting enough light put the pot on something so you seedling can be closer to your light source, so it doesnt strech so much or just lower your LED light source lower, im pretty sure you will get only positives from that and no negatives and i doubt you will burn you plants/cacti unless you have really bad exhaust/air circulation fan. If you want and have, a room for taller strechy plant keep it like that but for most people, small bushy plants are better especially indoors. Your plant is so streched because it wants more light no doubt about it even if its sativa strain it cant be so tall. And im curious is this seedling autoflower or normal photoperiod plant? :thumb_up:
P.S. - im talking about post 22
hello once again 😁
yes Th entity, the light had too much distance from the seedlings, we were using a full spectrum 100watt at the time, we upgraded to a much higher quality hand built LED panel 300watt full spectrum + round reflectors + IR UV etc pretty great stuff burned my last plant at 40cm
right now we're running a tent with a 600watt ostram HPS growlight and the 300watt LED in 4m^2 space, im growing moringa oliefera and Bursera fagaroides cannabis (gorrlia glue - amnesia haze - amnesia haze auto from fastbuds - Ghost train haze #3 😁 ) trichocereus pachanoi etc in the tent ...
just wait so i get moar money, i'll post all the crazy here
pete666 !
love what you done with your cacti, im grafting with plastic wrappers at 25C these days and surprisingly they are tend to take (if you follow some principals like cut near the rooty level don't push the graft too much on the stock wrap with plastic and make sure theres no space in between, which means a clean cut also helps, sterile equip etc) , im germinating good williamsi genetics and either keep them in my soiless media so they root (using cococoir 60% + zeolite 10% + those small stones they use for hydroponics i think its called cinder 30%) and they root like crazy.
ideally if i wasn't limited in terms of what seeds i germinate and where i can get my cuts / seeds, i'd aim first hand for potency and then growth rate, with tendency to pup being the third factor (mescaline mania)


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Espurrr i cant wait to see your results, if you are unsure of something i would be more than happy to discuss it with you, so this can be optimised to perfection. :d

Keep your reflectors clean even a bit of dirt can reduce your light reflection by 5%+
(Also use quality reflectors with the right shape because inefficient reflectors can create hotspots and burn the plants or reflect light inefficiently).

LEDs are notorious for burning the tops of plants so be carefull with that (they tend to dry them, i dont recommend using high watt LED panels unless they are with built in exhaust).

Its a good idea that you decided to use both HPS and LED because you are getting the full spectrum of light, but better use good exhaust fan to replace all the air in the room within 2-3 minutes max.

Good Luck i cant wait to see the results. :thumb_up:
I figured the toothpick spiked the pup to the graft cacti but, you can’t stab a pup right down the middle and have it live right?

What’s the strategy plan with those toothpicks, what’s it doing? Those cacti look amazing btw, jelly of the lophs.
Th Entity said:
LEDs are notorious for burning the tops of plants so be carefull with that (they tend to dry them, i dont recommend using high watt LED panels unless they are with built in exhaust).
we meet again :D
recently i was told that cacti mostly make use of VEG light, then i saw someone bring up perfectly beautiful and healthy cacti with just blue and UV chips, so i think a new era regarding cacti cultivation will be starting
remember, just blue and UV, and not so powerful either ...
anyway, blowing up the upload now


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I would love to come to iran and explore Tehran and Isfahan while under the influence of psychedelics.
:lol: :lol: 😁
recently we've got some growth


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