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Excited first steps

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Hello everyone, I would like to start by saying how amazing this forum has been, and how important a part of my daily life it has been for the past few weeks. I have maintained a very strong interest in LSD and Shrooms for the past few years, but unfortunately when I first learned of the spice of life a few years ago, I was not in a position to explore it the way that I initially wanted to. Recently my interest has been packed once again. I had a very spiritual reaction to a trip I took into some national parks in the summer. I have been following where that leads me ever since. I have been living on this forum absorbing all knowledge that I could about its namesake for the past few weeks, trying to prepare myself to take the journey. I finally have taken the journey, now. Twice. The second time was the most "real" experience I have ever felt. I am excited to explore further and learn as much as I can.
I am very grateful that this forum exists, and the amount of knowledge that is laid out here.

I will continue to search the New Member's area and the FAQ before I get too ahead of myself, I would be very disappointed in myself if I were one of the new members that causes the page as a whole to flow less efficiently.

Hoping to encounter you all and exchange information for years to come.
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