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Expecting Love in Hyperspace-- Dangerous?


Rising Star
Hi, new to the forum. I am curious as to the meaning of a phrase listed in the Hyperspace Lexicon-- namely, that:

"Expecting to receive love can be dangerous in Hyperspace."

Can anyone expand on this?
The full entry, for context
"It is not something to receive, but something to give. Yourself and others. It's impossible to give others without giving yourself. Expecting to receive love can be dangerous in Hyperspace. Radiating love inside and outside is the safest and most productive thing you can do. Inclusion in the Lexicon proposed half-jokingly by vegantoker."

Looks like it was half-jokingly added and is in any case one person's opinion. I guess their point is to avoid expectation generally, and ground yourself in your own love. I wouldn't over think the lexicon... It's mostly entertainment and clarification of slang
..Can anyone expand on this?
Original poster Vegantoker is the best option to expand on that.

During aya, once I received so much a boatload of a love (didn't ask for it as such) it crushed me, destroyed me, broke me to the core.
It came from no form of known individual, it was an abstract engulfing wave.
Not dangerous as far as that experience went.
Could never reproduce it ever since, but perhaps that's not really necessary.
Silently I hope for all to have such a treat..
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