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Experiencing simultaneous trips (just an idea...)

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Hey everyone,
It might be a bit of a silly question to put forward, but I do think it's novel and...maybe worth considering, if only for a second. Maybe this comes up every so often, and if so, I do apologise - I just couldn't find anything on it when I searched. (Again, I am sorry if it's been discussed before).
Do you think it's possible that sometimes we may experience two simultaneous trips at once?
Why do I ask this? A quick bit of background: Before today I'd smoked dmt twice. The first time was so utterly bizarre and confounding that I only remember little snippets of it. It was very intense; I'd gone in too deep.
The second time was much more coherent; I was in one 'room' (similar to a 'playroom' or 'waiting room' that's sometimes mentioned).
Since then, I have had such pre-flight anxiety that I didn't smoke for nearly a year.

So today, with fear and caution I smoked some dmt. Such a low dose that there weren't any closed-eye visuals (I just say that as a reference point). Purely for the sake of comparison, to give an idea of how low the dose was, it was like being extra, extra high on cannabis for a few minutes; just for some sort of reference point.
[I was nervous and only wanted to dip a toe in].

But it took me to a 'place' (a mindset) that I'd definitely been in before, and completely forgotten about. And it sucks in there! They're just screwing with me. "we can do this, we can do that...we can totally f with you, we can do whatever. Don't come here again" - That kind of deal.

So, believe me, I take the advice seriously. It wasn't verbal or even close to being verbal or telepathic, this was really just the "feeling" of it. But I remember being there before, it's pretty uncomfortable and I remember it being much worse at other times, when I'd had larger (even breakthrough) dosages.

Anyway - Here goes: Given that I'm 99% sure I've been in that place before, but have completely blocked it out. Does *anyone* think it's possible that on higher dosages of dmt we may actually experience two trips simultaneously? (Or more, even).
Ie. One "you" goes to this horrible, crappy room, whilst the other one goes and has an amazing time in elf-land. You come back and all you can really remember are bits of elf-land, with the occasional "odd" feeling.
To me, this would explain why so many of us have amazing, splendid experiences, yet are inexplicably scared stiff to pick up the pipe 24 hours later. Perhaps because while half of us was traversing - the amazing-ness - the other half was stuck in a terrible place, that we don't remember - until the next time we're there!?

Just an idea...
And I just say "elf-land" for convenience, I basically mean 'wherever you go'.

Thanks for letting me post. Even if anyone can relate to the "crappy place" that would be nice too :)
Take care and thanks again

*Just to clarify, I'm suggesting that we split into multiple consciousnesses. It sounds ridiculous, I know. But i don't think we'd realise it if it happened.
We come back, we remember how it felt for a while, we remember 'bits' but we do lose a lot of it.
And how many times do you go back to 'oh, shit...not this place again - how could I have let myself forget about this?" and yet, you're back there again. So maybe with the really full-on experiences, one of us is in one place, the other is in another place entirely. I don't know if it's such a crazy idea.
I think i know what you mean. When im on psychedelics in general, there is always at least a time period where i feel like im "there". The place where you're completly powerless to the things that happen to you. It's undescribable in words but i always called that place "the truth" or "the real" "realitiy". I dont know why, but those names came to me. It sometimes feels like you're about to witness impending doom any second now.

I had some thoughts about this and maybe since on psychedelics some parts of our brain are blocked out you're no longer protected by the brain that you're actually completly powerless to the things happening around you. Maybe our brain blocks those thoughts most of the time to not make us too frighened, cause that is not good for self preservation.

I had other thoughts about that too like maybe its a gate to filter out the frighened people so they dont get too far. I heard that indigous people needed to go the way of the warrior first before going the way of the shaman as the other world is far more scary than this one.

I have lots of theroies that will maybe forever remain theories. The thing is i will explore further. Because thats how i roll. Like Columbus trying to travel around the globe, he either falls of the edges of the world or he gets around it opening a fast travel to india. He didnt fall of the edges instead he found a new continent. Well after the asians who founded the atztec civilization there thousands of years ago and the vikings who occasianly raided those.

However while i have pre flight gitters like everyone, i want to sail out into spice world, i want to find out whats there. Either i fall of the edge and end up in a mental hospital, or i get completly enlighned. Or something completly different happens, thats the fun of exploring you never know what happens, you never know if its a dangerous place or not, when oyu're the first ever seeing that place.

Also when i read about the way of the warrior thing i had a lil´ smug face as i was soldier for a long time and even had a tour of duty. Its funny when you have good pre sets to go the way of a shaman :lol: .

By now i personally think psychedelics helped me to become a better human. To love life more, to not take anything i have for granted. You only get scared by them if let yourself get scared. Try to look at yourself as an outside observer. Try to fight your rl fears (like fear of highs or spiders for example) fighting fears and not running from them helps getting less scared in psychedelic worlds. Also lucid dreaming helps a lot. You can face your fears in dreams i sometimes do that.
I know mystics who can (or at least claim that they can) split their consciousness into multiple streams. I've got a friend who says that she is able to not just bi-locate; but, that with practice she has been able to split her awareness five ways.

I've had some experience (on the receiving end) with shamanic "soul retrieval" work, where in essence part of someone's soul/consciousness is "stuck" somewhere. (Most often in a traumatic experience.) And after the work some particularly bad recurring dreams stopped for me.

It's plausible that different parts of the consciousness/soul are having different experiences at the same time. I wonder if too many simultaneous splits may be one reason that people black out...
when i think how many "trips" a trip or another counts for, i find myself using the idea of either ON or OFF not really a number thing, just like yes its happening or no its not

when its happening the idea of a simultaneous experience is common, i like to refer to is as splintering

splintering typically involves parallel worlds where actions made typically fractal another timeline

these splinters per say are innumerable, and in truth we can sense more than we remember but we can barely make sense of even one. in conclusion, OPs question can be answered with yes its possible, but that split in itself is enveloped in a higher singular experience. in the higher singular experience there is only a subfractacling within that experience making the answer "No" only 1 experience can be had

i feel this question is entirely subjective and relevant to the consciousness asking it

both yes and no exist, as does "both" and "neither"

its all one but nothing is real sorta paradox, just which part do you wanna look at
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