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extracted GOOP what to do with it? (no crystal DMT really visible..)

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SWIM ended up with this.. Not sure what to do with it (trial pending, bit cautious as this is NOT what SWIM expected - colour/consistency - mostly colour)! Would like some opinions before someone samples it (chemical testing unavailable).. assuming it is active SWIM would like to get it into a nice crystal form as this goop isn't very easy to deal with (may be good for changa as is maybe IF it's active!)

Acuminta Phylodes (FAT LEAF variety which has low content maybe 0.5% and also high MTHBC content)
NOT dried (fresh wet whole leaf and stems, no bark)

1st extract ever (SWIM used to much liquid but SWIM doesn't think that should effect the outcome? The reason was it was hard to submerge the leaf/stems)

Attempted ATB with maybe ~100g
Blended Stem/Leaf with water - blender burnt out very quickly so it wasn't blended well
1.5L water with 250ml white cleaning vinegar cooked on LOW for around 2 hours - no boiling, lid on
Added 60gram salt
Added 500ml water with 250g lye (no PH test done), turned very black instantly
Heated on LOW (60 degrees aprox) for around 2-3 hours (alternating low and no heat for maybe 20 min intervals with slow cooker

1/3 of the liquid (700ml) removed and put in a bottle with Naptha - zipo (around 50ml), mixed figure 8 motion for about 20 minutes and shaken a bit to (no emulsions), pulled naphta, repeated again with a fresh 50ml.

When blowing on the pull it went slightly milky looking and there looked to be some orange bits falling out which got me excited..

in freezer overnight - 18 hours later there was zero visible crystal and this was in the bottom of the naptha.. Naptha was evaporated and this is the stuff that was in the bottom (again SWIM couldn't see any decent crystals and this isn't the colour SWIM would expect)

not sure if this is active, but assuming it is it needs a re-X-tal right? From reading and searching on the nexus SWIM is thinking of mixing with warm naptha in a heat bath - maybe 50ml and adding 10ml water, shaking and separating, then with the naptha waiting for bits to fall out (impurities) and then sucking up the naptha leaving the crud in the bottom and then evap.. Just want to make sure I got this right before attempting further steps..


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endlessness said:

Thanks Endlessness!

Sorry I did have a look but could only find yellow colours and brown (guessing oxidised) and not fluro orange like that!

Smells ok and it sounds like the GOO is GOOD
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