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Extracting bufotenine and maybe obtaining tryptolines

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I performed an extraction tek from Anadenanthera Colubrina seeds (25 grams).
I used this tek:

roasting seeds in a pan untile they pop
make a powder with all the seed part (even the shell)
roasting seeds powder

Then I make a solvent with 50% white vinegar and 50% 96°ethanol.
Powder was put in solvent and boil for 10 minutes with medium heat. Then filtered and did other 2 boiling passage with only vinegar.
Liquid was saved, blended and reduced.
After reduced in half I let them cool down, then added limonene, shaked until limonene became cream color, full of what I think are oils and emulsion.
Discarded limonene, the other liquid was saved an put on heat to evaporate.
When reduced almost at all was added calcium hydroxide and made an dough and give it a tortillas like shape.
The tortillas was placed in a pan to dry, when completely dry was powdered in a mortar.
Then I made 4 pulls with 96° ethanol and placed liquid in a dish to evaporate with heat.
The result scraped with a razor blade.

Bioassayed the result was active in dosage over 80mg, no nausea, no unpleasant vasocostriction and the effect are very much more similar to beta carbolines than the supposed effect of bufotenine.
The result of 25 grams was 888 mg of extract.


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Aum_Shanti said:
make a powder with all the seed part (even the shell)

Does anybody know if there's any bufo in he shell?

IDK, but whenever I did extraction including shells, it failed due to too much impurities.

One obvious way to know is to perform extraction on the shells alone.

The only time I got golden-brown crystals (active as 10-15 mg range) was when I thoroughly deshelled the seeds and processed just the kernels.
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