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Eye Colour

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I thought this would be a very interesting pole to have as i feel eye colour speaks a lot about a person.
Please elaborate on any other of your eye characteristics. :d

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I voted dark blue, but they arent pure dark blue they have very small shards of light green but not enough green shards to be blue and green.

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fragmented deep blue - sharded too.
and lies smokey - obviously blue does :)

i once met someone that told me - never trust a man with brown eyes - :) - dont know why he said that - he had blue eyes too btw - and its a real story too.
satan has pink eyes. king kooper has brown eyes - very dark brown tho.
I started a thread on this on my own forum back in its early days - only 8 responses but the score was

5 blue
2 green
1 brown

my site is an entheogen forum so the ppl there are of a simmilar interest group to the ppl here - just thought i would post it caus i didnt wana make another empty off topic post in this thread. needed something to justify talking nonsense.
I voted light blue, but what I like best about my eyes is the sunshaped yellow ring that highlights the edge of my pupil. Well kind of a browny yellow... don't want to sound TOO demonic now.
mine are ice-blue....like a malamut husky dog....


and yes (preemptively for the next poll about chinese astrology...) i am born the year of the dog! :D



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My wife, kids, and I all have dark brown eyes as well as various shades of brown hair from very light to nearly black.
okay - for this to mean more we need to compare it to the averages worldwide but thats a bit difficult - swim was just looking at some figures and its not gonna help unless we sort it down further - i doubt 1/3 of this board is chinese or african and has brown eyes - anyone got some stats that may help ?

also has anyone had major changes in eyecolor in their lives - like Heterochromia ?
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