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Faidherbia albida ID

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So as a new member I can't post in the ID thread till I'll be a full member, so I hope I can do it here. please forgive me if I'm wrong and tell me where I should do it.
I'm in the beginning of my DMT journey after years of numerous journeys with all kinds of substances. (If you're interested I introduced myself in the introductions thread)
I found the DMT to be the most interesting and it calls for my own research and my own extraction of spice because I prefer to be in control of the spice that I consume.
although it is legal to order MHRB here, the authorities are after it and legal actions are being held against people who are ordering it via online shops. I decided not to do it and try and look for local plants containing DMT and especially Acacia. After reading endless threads I didn't find reliable papers about extraction of one of the local Acacias, just some unorganized data which doesn't help much. I'm sure this region has DMT containing plants because it can be found in ancient rituals and manuscripts. After several days of researching the web I found one specific tree which is surprisingly positioned just in front of my office, I'm almost positive my ID is good but I will be very thankful if someone can confirm it. I believe this is "Faidherbia albida". Once it will be confirmed I would like to try to extract spice out of the leaves. I read several threads about extractions from those leaves but none of them continued, they were stopped in the middle with no reason or results. the rumor says that there is a group here which uses this tree for their ceremonies and they are extracting spice out of the leaves but it is rumors and I would like to test it. So, my first step is just to have a confirmation this is Faidherbia albida.


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