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Failed Arundinacea extraction

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SWIM tried a while ago an extraction of phalaris arundinacea. He gathered 1kilogram of leaves which was a somehow boring task (only leaves, no stem 😉 ) and processed an A/B extraction ending with 350 ml of naphta. Once in the freezer for several days, the naphta did not show ANYTHING, nor even a small cloud. When the naphta was placed at room temp, some nice clouds appeared looking likes a medusa before it dissolved when the temp get closer to room temp. It was SWIM first extration and evaporating the naphta failed, corrupted by melted plastic, therefore SWIM was not able to see if something was left, but he hardly think there would have something in there. So what ? Bad extraction tek ? Bad solvant/acid/lye ? Newbie lack of experience ? (probably a bit) But SWIM think that is was a 'bad' arundinacea strain. Not another herb (SWIM spend hours checking photos and infos about it), but herbs spreaded from cultivated fields around for animals which is probably a strain designed to hold as few alkaloid as possible. In SWIM's opinion, it makes the quest for arundinacea quite tedious and useless because there is no easy way to see what would be a 'good' strain for alkaloid extraction. SWIM started an extraction from phragmite australis that he will post later.
Thanks for sharing SWIY's extraction results with us! One option is to take a root with a stem and a few leaves, take it home and cultivate it. Take good care of the plant until it grows big, torture (don't give it water) it for a week or so before harvesting. By doing so, the plant will create more alkaloids. Dry the whole plant (roots, stem and leaves) and do a A/B extraction with defatting (QT's tek!). More detailed information about P. arundinacea here: http://peyote.com/jonstef/phalaris.htm
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