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Failed Attempts lead to new ideas [First post xD]

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SWIM has recently attempted at smoking a reasonable amount of spice (45mg - 50mg) this would be SWIM's first try at it, the setting was right, a dimly lit room during a most beautiful sunset with a friend nearby and everything properly prepared, the device was a pipe but not of glass, the method used was one of controversy SWIM placed the spice on a metal screen pushed into the pipe and then placed another screen over this one, SWIM then proceeded to vaporize the spice by holding the lighter just so it was touching the first screen when inhaling. SWIM started too light it and was inhaling but it seemed as though very little as if any smoke made it into SWIM's lungs.
What happened after was of a surprise, SWIM had music [Wings for Marie pt. 2] on but could barely hear it, hums or vibrations filled his ears and it felt as if his face were being pulled, SWIM also noted it felt like a very heavy sedation and couldn't get up off the ground. After around 7 - 8 minutes the effects of this had faded, no breakthrough occurred and no OEV's. SWIM's final conclusion was that he did not inhale enough and did not hold the amount he did manage to get in for a long enough period of time.

So with this experience I have devised a method that may possibly work for SWIM. Here it is;

Step 1: Take a Glass bottle such as a beer bottle or old coca-cola bottle.

Step 2: A small hole 1/4" - 1/2" gets drilled into the side of the bottle.

Step 3: Insert dose of spice on the bottom of the bottle concentrated mainly into the center.

Step 4: Place some sort of cover over the mouth of the bottle.

Step 5: Cover the Choke/Hole with your finger or other object, Use a Jet/Torch lighter to heat up the spice hot enough to vaporize it all within the bottle.

Step 6: Smoke should have filled the bottle, remove the cover off the bottle, take your finger off the choke and inhale the smoke.

With this idea I know there are a few Cons too it, such as the bottle becoming very hot and the smoke probably being pretty harsh, but I'm interested too hear what you guys have to say about it, is this a viable method?
It will probably work but it will not be that efficient. A bottle is thick and it's harder than you think to boil DMT through that thick glass. The time it takes may then permit the DMT-dust to either settle directly at the sides, or turn into vapour that easily condense within the bottle.

I would recommend you turn you idea into a "machine". Simply stuff a little metal from steel scouring pads into the neck of the bottle, and drill a hole in the bottom. To use this one you melt DMT into the scouring pad and then turn the device upside down. Breathe through the bottom and apply the flame directly to the scouring pad in the neck. Easy as a charm.
I Have read some about "the machine" I will consider this, thank you for the help.
Sounds like the start of something special, but yes you probably need to smoke more. There are much easier and sure ways about it though, one of my favourites is simply on a bed of herb in a bong, melt the dmt into the herb without touching it with the lighter then smoke it normally - very easy.
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