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Failed Homebrew - Looking for Suggestions


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I just tried my first Mimosa Hostilis tea with a 30:1 Alicia anisopetala (Black vine - same family as B. caapi - have used it before as an inhibitor in conjunction with other plant entheogens and it worked fine) paste and it didn't really work. I think the Alicia anisopetala paste works because I've used it in psylahuasca a few times, and the trip lasted twice (12-14 hrs) as long as a regular shroom trip, which would mean that the problem was the Mimosa Hostilis tea. I know provenance is a big question, but I've done all the due diligence I know how, and I think I'm buying golden (good) stuff.

The brewing of the Mimosa tea seems pretty straightforward - 3 boils of 3 hours with a little white vinegar. Let sediment form, decant, combine, reduce. From 50g of shredded Mimosa hostilis inner bark I made 250ml (g) of tea.

I've taken Aya in ceremony at a church near me between 3 and 4 dozen times, so I sort of at least have heretofore been successful at preparing myself, my diet, etc. Every ceremony was full on intense, and I was in group a lot so got exposure to a range of Aya trips and ceremonies.

I just finished taking 10 modest doses of Mimosa + Alicia tea over three hours, adding up to what I think would ordinarily be a massive dose (20g of 30:1 vine so equivalent of tea from 1 1/3 lb of vine - that is a lot; 110g of 1:5 Mimosa tea so tea from 22g of Mimosa whereas a pretty strong dose is normally tea made from 5g of the inner root bark, based upon my research here).

Here's a chemistry question - the filtered water I used is extremely alkaline, like around a pH of 10 before I added the vinegar. Is the acidity in the water (I added 2 Tbs 5% white vinegar to each wash) important to extract the DMT or just to reduce some of the sliminess/nastiness of the tea? That's the only thing I could think of, if the DMT in the MHRB becomes almost hydrophobic if the water is very alkaline, to the degree that it greatly reduces extraction.

A little buzzy near the end, some DMT visuals for a bit if I closed my eyes, some nausea, close to purging, for a bit, early on, then mild nausea here and there. In other words, not much at all.

I'm puzzled.
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Hi there and welcome.

We had some discussion of Alicia anisopetala here many years ago and my recollection is that it was found not to activate oral DMT. Perhaps it lengthens the effects of psilocybin for a different reason so it's not really valid to extrapolate from something that is orally active anyhow.

While your water is alkaline, MHRB is acidic, and you did add some more acid as well, but pH10 is nonetheless fairly alkaline (extremely alkaline would be something with pH 14, literally by definition 😉) so, with that knowledge, I wonder why you didn't adjust and check the pH before adding the bark. If you still have the bark residue from the brew you could try brewing it again in properly acidified water, or maybe have a go at extracting it if your MAOI appears to be ineffective, at least so you get to know whether any DMT is left in it.
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