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failed MHRB+Rue brew

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Hi guys I brewed some MHRB and syrian rue for the first time yesterday and I got nothing from it other than nausea and feeling a little bit weird for about 10 mins though i might have just been trying to convince myself it was working. Was hoping someone with experience could have a look through my technique and tell me where I'm going wrong.

I brewed 10g of shredded MHRB 3 times each time for about 40 mins on a simmer (not using vinegar or lemon) and ground up 4g of syrian rue soaked it in water for about 2 hours then simmered it for about half an hour (not enough time maybe?) I drank most of the rue liquid about 15 mins before drinking half the mimosa liquid but puked about 20 mins after about a hour later I drank the rest of both liquids but again could only hold it down for about 30 mins.

should i have brewed it longer? used vinegar, just eaten the syrian rue? or did i throw up too soon?
I've read a bunch of different recipes but if someone here who's had success with this brew could recommend one that'd be much appreciated. :)
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