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fake MHRB / extractions failed?

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Hi guys!
a friend of mine is stuck in a problem during several extractions. Here what he did:
4 STB exctractions, lets call them A B C D,

extraction A
-80g MHRB (not powder but very small pieces) with 95g NaOH.
The NaOH was previously completely dissolved in 500 ml of distilled water then added to the bark and shaked a lot very well. Waited until cool down, added water until final volume of 750ml was reached then put in a hot bath for 2 hours and periodically stirred. Afterwards, 2 pulls with hot lighter fluid 100ml each were effectuated.

extraction B
-100g MHRB (not powder but very small pieces) with 150g NaOH
Same as tek 'A' but dissolving the soda in 750ml. After the hot bath the bottle was let to sit overninght and then pulls were effectuated.

extraction C
-50g of finely powdered MHRB with 110g NaOH
Same as tek 'B' and 3 pulls were effectuated.

extraction D
-150g of finely powdered MHRB with 150g NaOH
Same as tek 'B' but reaching a total volume of 1.6L and 3 pulls were effectuated

extraction E
-50g of finely powdered MHRB used in a sort of Max ion tek
acid step: 200ml normal water + 60ml alcol vinegar 6% acidity. Hot bath 8h, decanting 1 night. hot --bath then salt step
-salt step: 200ml hot water + 60g NaCl completly dissolved and poured into the acidic solution
-Base step: 70g NaOH completely dissolved in 350ml of water, then poured into the acidic solution. wait til cool down and putted in hot bath for 2h. cool down and then he is waiting for the pulls.


Extraction A 1st pull: naphtha complete clear, let evaporate added 2nd pull a little bit yellowish, evaporate and putted in freezer for +24h. NO xstals, only a little bit of foggy into the liquid.
Extraction B 1st pull a little bit yellow, same for the second. Again nothing after freezer prep.
Same for tek C and D.

At this point my friend just collected all the pulls into a single container, let it evaporate until ~100ml then cooled room temp, 12h fridge, 24h freeze. Again nothing, but a lot of sort of yellowish fog into the liquid. Some of them was filtrated, and it remained attached to the filter in a very thin-yellow-paste-form with DMT smell. He tried also to made a 'tincture of the goods' using only the vinegar, 4 pulls of ~50ml hot vinegar from the collected nps. At this point the nps became milky (like fully saturated) and the vinegar became just a little bit yellowish. Naphtha is cooling down in the fridge and vinegar was reduced to 20ml but it not so concetrated as expected. Trying to evap few drops and collect almost nothing, just a stain of something similar to the goo but almost nothing.


My friend doesn't know what to do anymore.
TEKs A B D were already tested in the past, with 1% yelds from brazilian MHRB powder giving white and yellowish xstals with lighter fluid online ordered.
Nowadays my friend made the same step as in the past. The difference was that last time was a brazilian MHRB and now he found a 'mimosa tenuiflora poiret' from Mexico.
For the NPS he used the same brand of lighter fluid, previously he ordered online from another country, now he just bought from the local market the same brand of lighter fluid.
My friend first was doubting about the quality of his NaOH and he bought new one, using different brand from tek A and the others. Then he start to not rely on the lighter fluid, but after the vinegar wash he start to doubt about the quality of the mimosa. Now he have this sort of tincture, and the milky lighter fluid washed with vinegar in the fridge waiting for the freezer, and he is going to do 3 pulls on the tek E. He already used 430g of MHRB and at this point he would aspect a loot of xstals or goo, so it is very confused...

Does someone have suggestions? What do you think, is really a bunk mimosa? What kind of test can he do more with the lighter fluid and the left materials?

Thanks for the attention
It is hard to pin point exactly what is going on but I think you may have already answered your own question:

TEKs A B D were already tested in the past, with 1% yield

So we know that the tek works. It seems to me that the only major factor was switching mimosa. Unfortunately, it sounds like you guys may need to switch again, imo.

While we are on this subject, have you had the chance to read through the Attitude page yet? Talking about buying/selling/getting/sourcing/acquiring any source material other than live plants and seeds is not allowed on the forum. It is a little bit unclear from the post if you meant you ordered lighter fluid and mimosa online or just the lighter fluid(lye and lighter fluid is fine to discuss ordering). Either way, you may want to edit that part for clarity.

Anyway, hopefully you'll get it figured out. Good luck!
Thanks for the reply!
I had already read the attitude page and edit the post, i think now it is more clear.
Btw, after another 2 wash with vinegar from the nps he obtained a yellow-orange tincture, but still very low concentrated (10 drops evaporated =~1mg).
He is thinking to try to came back to the brazilian... but also would like to change solvent because it seems that lighter fluid took longer time to evaporate (compared to bottle ordered online).
I'll keep update if something change.

I'm open to suggestion or further trial experiments to try to confute the hypothesis 'bunk mimosa' (just because it will be a waste)
Or in addition, someone who knows how to not waste this batch of mimosa?? make creams, oils, other tincture.... ???
Thanks for clearing that up!

Sorry you guys are in this situation. I know it can be very frustrating at times!

The only thing you can do is to run more extractions with the questionable bark but change a (one) variable each time to help narrow down the culprit. But you are already doing this in one way or another with the side by side extractions/comparisons.

Like I mentioned earlier, my best educated guess is that the bark quality is low (or perhaps not even rootbark which does happen sometimes) based on the evidence you've already provided. It seems very unusual to get next to nothing after 5 extractions. Your suspicions about the mimosa are definitely valid.

Your friend has switched the lye, the lighter fluid, and your extraction techniques are sound but still got very little DMT. So the only remaining factor has to be the mimosa. Switch out the bark, run an extraction, and if your yields are as expected then it was the mimosa.

Welcome to the Nexus, by the way!

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