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FASA method for bufotenine extraction? would this work?

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could one skip the evaporating step and instead use the FASA method to salt it out? could the bufotenine fumarate be converted to the freebase with the same conversion tek as the spice?

has anyone ever experimented with bufotenine fumarate?
Yes it works. It actually works better than with DMT. But if you're extracting your bufotenine from Yopo, a whole bunch of other fumarate alkaloids come out of the acetone along with bufotenine fumarate. Some of those other alkaloids cause unpleasant side effects.

The same thing works with citric acid for bufotenine, except it creates a goo instead of crystals. Either way you get bufotenine plus some other unpleasant alkaloids. So while it helps to purify the alkaloids, it doesn’t help remove the toxic ones.
would there be a way of removing the toxic ones from it? would one be able to freebase it and might it be that the toxic ones would be left behind in this step?
Probably not. SWIM already tried that using citric acid in acetone. But it might work using fumaric acid, but I doubt it.

The only thing SWIM knows that works to get rid of the unknown toxic alkaloids is to use column chromatography. With this trick the toxins get stuck to the silica and won't pass through. It works beautifully.

You don’t really need to know anything about column chromatography to do it.

These are the exact steps (this is actually dry vacuum flash chromatography):

1) Fill a narrow 30 mm wide glass Büchner funnel (the kind with a frit and straight sides) with 5 cm high of flash chromatography silica gel. Your Büchner funnel should be sitting on top of a large filter flask with a vacuum pump connected to it. Place a filter paper on top of the silica to prevent it from moving when you pour solvent into the silica.

2) Dissolve 1000 mg of mixed alkaloids in a 3:1 mix of ethyl acetate to methanol. Use as little solvent as possible. Pour it carefully on top of the silica, trying not to disturb it. Let the solvent sink into the silica by applying some vacuum until it just goes into the silica and then stop the vacuum.

3) Turn on the vacuum and immediately pour 50-100 ml of ethyl acetate through the funnel, being careful not to disturb the silica. The solvent should come out and appear yellow or amber. This will contain DMT N-Oxide, and possibly some DMT or 5-MeO-DMT, depending on the seeds used. Evaporate this to get these alkaloids and some amber material.

4) With the vacuum on, pour 50-100 ml of a 1:1 mix of ethyl acetate to methanol through the funnel. The liquid should come out and appear more amber than yellow. This will contain your bufotenine. Evaporate this to get nearly pure bufotenine, and some amber material.

It’s simpler than it sounds and works very well. All of the toxins are in the dark brown color that stays stuck in the silica.

There may be other ways to get rid of the toxins, but SWIM hasn’t found another way yet.
one would probably need to know more about the toxins which are contained in the seeds. that way we could maybe find a better way to get rid of them. any news jorkest?
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