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FASA strange results

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Okay I tested out the FASA method with 1g to begin with just to make sure I got the hang of it.All went well with it clouding and forming beautiful crystals.So I carefully poured off the acetone and got most of the crystals out that I could.Now the crystals that came out had a very slight yellow ting but figured that was just small amount of impurities.So I prepare 100 ml of acetone with 2g freeze precipitated freebase in the jar I just got the other fumarate crystals out of.There was a little residue from them left but I figured that would hurt anything.Poured 100 ml of acetone with 700 mg of Fumaric Acid.At first it looked like everything was normal as it clouded up but this time it cleared extremely fast.The crystal dropped out of solution extremely fast forming a thick layer of powder on the bottom instead of the long crystals like before.I tried adding a few drops of FASA that resulted in no clouding.So is this DMT fumarate?
yes it is...but SWIM has noticed this difference as well..and does not know why it happens...

try adding it VERY slowly..and dont shake or mix it...the slower it precipitates..the better the crystals
Thanks that's what I'll do next time then.The crystal aren't as pretty but as long as they work right.Also have any of you had any trouble drying the crystals.I've had mine under a fan for a couple of hours but they still aren't dryed thoroughly
Okay after a while the crystal turned from nice formed to goo.So I'm guessing that DMT fumarate adsorbs water from the air.What I did was dry a large pan of silica gel in the oven for a hour at 300 F and placed that into a clear airtight chamber with the Fumarate sitting on top.It's only been in there for about 45 minutes and I can already see that it's drying up rather nicely.Just figured I'd share in case someone else had this problem
perhaps the acetone contained a little water that wasn't absorbed by the anhydrous magnesium sulfate.I just pulled the jar out and it's drying up rather nicely now.I did a litlle scraping and can tell that it's going to be a bitch trying to get it out.Thinking of dissolving into either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol to get it out and then evaping back down.Should have got it out with acetone or something before even trying to dry it but won't thinking about it
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