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Feeling very light on feet/agile, cured of cold, on a low dose.

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Flight of the Navigator

1g mimosa, 1.5g rue raw powder.

Was having a "medium" cold(nothing severe), coughing like every 3 min
Sitting and relaxing on the bed when the usual effects started to kick in.
Then, as I was about to get up I was just shocked how too light I felt physically, I really physically felt very very light, very fast, and accurate. I thought that it was just an illusion and in fact that I was only standing up and moving ordinarily at a normal rate.... that until I decided to get out in the woods.
I held an Ipad in hand and a bottle of water in the other as I walked a long uphill. The terrain was the typical rough forest kind with rocks, and tree roots. Half way up the hill I suddenly got reminded of something when I looked to my side and behind. I told myself:

"wait a second, I am going uphill!"

I realized I didn't feel the slightest effort in my legs going up despite it is a steep hill, as if my body weight, and specially legs were amazingly light.

Next I realized I didnt feel out of breath at all, breathing very calmly; heart rate unaffected.
Thirdly I remembered that I was sick having a cold, but not only didnt I feel sick, and not only was the cough 100% gone but I was going uphill with extreme ease.

Passing the hill and going through the wild terrain I was now in a very rough area with all sorts of rocks and other obstacles. And here was my last realization revealing itself. In addition to walking up and down remarkedly effortlessly I discovered I could precisely navigate with my feet in the rough terrain. It was as if my feet moved too quickly yet precisly navigated from one step to another without a single miss..

I walk otherwise a lot through the woods, and this never happened before. Just the fact that 2hrs earlier I wouldn't even think of walking in a rough terrain while sick.. I would lose my breath right away after a few steps..

So do you have such experiences? I think this is interesting because these are physical effects.

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