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Few questions :)

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Hi guys, a friend of mine has been following DMT and reading about it for months now and is really determined and interested to try it. I used to do lots of weed back in my final years at school and one year a friend of mine suggested trying shrooms since they were now in season. The first few times we did them, it felt absolutely incredible, especially the first time. I remember laughing at how silly war is, I remember looking at a lamp on the table and feeling its light as some sort of ray of happiness that was bathing me in so much joy and happiness lol. I was absorbing it all and couldn't wipe the smile from my face, felt like a huge giant bubble of happiness, swelling and swelling as if I was going to burst with happiness - it was so cool. I woke up the next morning with painful cheeks because id smiled so much lol.

Anyway the next few trips were not as great but still wonderful in their own way, on the final trip everything was ok, it was a bit low key because half the flat full of people were not on shrooms so we all felt a little excluded and outcast (in our heads at least) but still it was okie. Later that night I got a txt from my mum to say come home I need to speak to you, at the time I had no idea what it was about or why she wanted to talk to me, but I freaked out and knew with my pupils looking like piss holes in the snow, there was no way I could go home, so I started to worry and this worry covered me like a blanket that I couldn't remove. I sent a txt to mum saying I couldn't come home because my friend was too drunk and I needed to stay with him. anyway I went through to the living room and I was acting pretty weird I guess, but I was just so worried, I started getting the idea into my head that id feel like this forever etc. eventually I fell asleep and was fine when I woke up, however the experience was near the end of the shroom season anyway, but it was enough to put me off doing them again.

Now years and years later, I just graduated from college and taken on a fulltime job, I met a couple of really awesome guys at college who fast became my best mates. we all graduated together and have very recently started going to the gym, mountain climbing and taking in the beauty of our country together - while still being computer geeks at home lol. anyway its 1 of these guys who is pretty obsessed with dmt and has recently started talking about his desires to try it, purely for the spiritual and explorative properties. I was very sceptical at first, mainly due to the bad trip I had on mushrooms, and also having heard stories about people being locked in trips their entire life's and ending up in hospitals etc. but we are both pretty spiritual guys, we both feel theres something more to life than just what is infront of our eyes. The more we researched and read on dmt the more interested we became.

We are both very happy laughy types of guys, when me and these 2 guys are together we are nearly always laughing and joking about something, but I am still concerned about my trip on mushrooms all those years ago, wont it be plaguing my mind as I go to take dmt the first time? Is there anything you guys can tell me or advise us to do?

I have a whole barrel of questions about how we go about trying it, costs etc but 1 step at a time :)

Thanks in advance guys, sorry if this is a bit rambled and mashed together but I was talking to 1 of the mates on vent at the time :D
Don't be afraid of it.
As you stated you are a spirtual guy. And People who have respect and love for the substance won't experience dark energy!

Even if your trip will bring up negative stuff, it won't be bad for you!

Just take it, and enjoy!
If you put some hard work into making the spice and treat it and the beings behind it with respect you will have some amazing experiances. Its feels natural, more so than any other substance iv taken and shouldent be feared... it takes us to a place that feels familiar but is totaly alien.
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