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Finally i can say hello !

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Welcome! Im very happy i can finally join this place and introduce myself. At start i can only say sorry for my grammar but english is not my first language.
Im 30y male living in Europe who started his life in luxury, wealth and not so happy family. After years i experienced being broke, loosing all my firends and...meeting women of my life, and pretty sure soul that i knew before and will know after.
During my teenage years i had experience with party drugs but never with psychodelics like shrooms or lsd. Because of friends, parties and money i was always concentrated on physical life and did not ask many important questions about what really matters.
After loosing everything and moving to other city i started to search deeper, and instead judging people i started to look inside myself. Year ago i had my first and only lsd experience only to prepare myself for DMT. Two months ago i had my first DMT experiences and since then i quit alcohol, weed, and become vegetarian. Im pretty sure now i choose to be here and my mission is to find what i wanted to learn from being here. My goal is to learn and to take my lesson werever im gonna be after.. Also i would like to help people, those who lost control over their life, who need a little push. I always thought i become bad person who always thought only about himself.. thanks to meditation, asking questions and DMT i found something better in myself and now i want to use this strenght to spread love. Im really happy to be here as i know we are one, and i believethis is one of the places were people are pretty aware of it.
Welcome swimer!

May you find the answers that you seek here and, more importantly, may you help many others on your journeys.
Welcome and enjoy our safe haven:thumb_up:

a few of us have found this place through a similar means :love: stick around and add to the conversations there is always some new rabbit hole to dive down here :lol:
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