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Finally! It's always great to find a community of like-minded individuals.

Hello @dmt25 , and welcome to the Nexus <3

Tell us a little about yourself. Are you new to the world of DMT, or seasoned and experienced? Have you tried your hands at extraction? Have you used entheogens other than DMT?

As you familiarize yourself with our community, be sure to check out the Attitude Page to get a good understanding of our values.

Welcome, and safe travels <3

A big hug right back from around the world of DMT users here! Welcome to the Nexus.

Just like Subtlebrations I would love to learn more about you, what brought you here, what you hope to achieve, your experience with psychedelics, etc. Have you tried DMT yet? Extracted your own? Have any tales of your trips?

Again, a warm welcome to you.
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