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Finally saying HI

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What’s up everyone :d I figured I would finally say hi to everyone. I joined about a month ago but was pretty busy just studying cyb’s salt tek. I did my first extraction and and was pretty successful (1.1g using 50g of MHRB) I started my second yesterday and I’m thinking I’m gonna have close to 2g this time. The 1st pull was amazing. Anyways, I have been using psychedelics for 16 years but the 1st time I ever used DMT was when I extracted it a month ago. It literally blew me away, I’ve never respected something so much so quickly haha. I learned real fast it’s not something you need to take large doses of. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make an account and be active but the more I read posts here the more I like it. Seems like there is a lot of maturity and good vibes here which is becoming rare on the internet. That’s all for now oh and shout out to CYB it’s even easier than growing mushrooms. :thumb_up:
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