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First baby step into hyperspace, Oh yeah baby

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I took my casserole dishes out of the freezer last night. I poured off the Naptha into a jar and took them in the kitchen to blow the fan on them. Did not look promising no crystals I put them on the counter and went to bed. This morning I scraped up what was there which ended up to be 42mg of a very sticky beige colored goop.
I was feeling my old friend adrenaline, I miss you so. Before I was disabled I was an adrenaline aficionado. I recently joked with a buddy that I used to get my thrills from fast motorcycles and jumping out of planes now I get it from almost falling in the shower.
I meditated for a few minutes and took a few deep breaths. I had the goop on the end of my dabber and fired up my torch on the quartz banger. When the IF thermometer said 475 I put the goop in the bucket and gave it a steady draw. It all vaporized and I got it in one smooth hit. Much smoother than BHO where you feel like your lungs are full of barbed wire I did not have any urge to cough.
As soon as I got done sucking the vapor in I set the pipe down and laid back in my big office chair. I held it in as long as I could and before I exhaled I felt a very pleasurable rush my body got very heavy and warm. I was looking at the popcorn ceiling as I came up and saw it get covered with patterns. Everything was more real looking and when I closed my eyes there were bright colored geometric patterns.
It was very pleasurable and I am still feeling a warm afterglow. I did have one insight being a Buddhist I am constantly trying to tame the monkey mind. I noticed my thoughts that I was thinking about writing this before I was even done with the trip. I have a degenerative nervous system disease and realized that I have been spending way too much time thinking about the unpleasant future that awaits instead of enjoying the present. I still hopefully have a few more years where my body will work good enough to enjoy kitchen chemistry.
I think I know where I went astray in my tek I did my A/B in a 2L beaker so when it was time to pull there were only 1600ml so the area was too big to suck up the solvent. I poured the base soup into a more user-friendly container and added distilled water to bring the solution up to the neck lowering the PH.
This experience definitely will have me going back to the well. I will post of my further adventures.
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