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First big trip

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So, first time poster here. I have been lurking on these forums for a while, reading reports and such trying prepare mentally for what was to come so I thought it apt that my first post be my first proper DMT experience.
I have tried to verbalise what happened during my experience and even tried writing it down but it appears mortal words cannot even begin to comprehend the tiniest aspect of a DMT trip, so here goes.
I loaded the very nice glass pipe that me and my friends bought especially for our first DMT experience. I thought I put in 40mg but it turned out it was actually closer to double that (I know, stupid). I began to vaporise the crystals and as the white cloud appeared I took a deep breath and dove in.
The first hit was immense, a massive wave of euphoria encompassed me. As soon as I exhaled I took another hit. After the second everything turned a swampish shade of green. Everything was shaking and seemed to ripple and I soon had no idea what was going on. I looked at the pipe and realised I had a third hit to go. Almost out of instinction I took the third hit but could not hold it in for long.
The next thing I knew I was no longer in my body. My spirit/mind was hurtling at an extremely accelerated pace forward, as was my new surroundings. I was in a giant ball of circling complex geometric shapes and the only thing that had travelled with me from my sober world was a poster of a dj on the wall I was facing in the "real" world. Only it wasn't the poster. The mans face was still very much inanimate but his eyes where something/one elses. There seemed to be some sort of shared wisdom between me and the eyes almost as if they where desperately trying to communicate a knowledge to me, although I cannot begin to describe what I fealt. The closest thing I can describe this knowledge as, was that everything in the sober or "real" world was fake and didn't exist it was all just a construct of primitive mortals. My new world was the real world and it always had been, I just never realised it. I had complete ego death. There was no "self".
This may have gone on for a while, the next thing I fealt was sheer panic. I had completely lost my "self", I had no comprehension of where I had come from. I knew I had come from somewhere very different from the place I was now in. As panic turned into pure horror I realised I was not going back. I was stuck here, in my new world. A million lifetimes seemed to pass before I came to the conclusion I was dead. I carried on hurtling until I noticed the poster again although now I could see it was fimrly attached to the wall in front of me, I was back...although the wall (or even the concept of a wall in the real world) seemed completely alien to me. I turned my head and tried to communicate with my friend but when he spoke I heard no words and the words I spoke made no sense. I realised I had smoked DMT and I started to know what was going on. I had a sudden rush of relief. But as this relief started to hold I looked again at the wall with the poster on it. The complex geometric shapes I had once been part of and travelled with was now pouring out of the wall like a waterfall...it was as if it was inviting me back. I tried to snap out of it as I did not want to go back there, and I did. The shapes went and the poster was a poster again and I was lying on my couch with one friend compeletely sober and trying not to look at me and the other friend deeply immersed in his own DMT flight.

Holy fucking christ It was amazing! I don't think I could ever have been prepared for what happened. Immediately after the experience I said to my friend "it's going to be a long while before I do that again". I think I said this mainly because of the panic I fealt during my time in "hyperspace". Although now I am deeply curious to try it again and try and communicate with whatever was in the poster's eyes as whatever it was seemed to hold the key to everything. I am still thinking of what happened and it's 24 hours on.
They where not hallucinations, they where something else.
Welcome! and congrats on the eye opening, jaw dropping, standard mystical enlightenment of DMT.

Give yourself some time to soak it in, ponder the facts before trying it again. Its obvious you had what most would consider a standard strong dose, and for your first time thats one hell of an experience. Try to visualise/imagine that place you were in and the feeligns you had and ink into your mind the fact that you WILL come back form there, I find that helps in the early stages. From there try and get yourself in your head before your next experience and remember the vast expanse of nothing/everything that can await. But, this time try a lower dose for your own sake. Id suggest doing a few lower doses to get your confidence back and experience up, and trust me it does exactly that, and when your ready to dip your toe into what you just experienced again odds are you'll be much better prepared.

But congrats! love hearing stories of DMT cherries exploding, which funnily enough your avatar surely illustrates ;)
nice one man - at first you cant know what to expect - but once you travel that way once - everything is more clear.
Thanks for the replies everyone. Nice to go to a forum that doesn't completely shun a newbie.
I was thinking that the dose was probably a bit high for my first time and building back up to the next breakthrough experience, as it should be relatively easy to achieve because I can pretty much inhale anything and keep it in my lungs for a long time (plus we turned 400g of mimosa hostilis into DMT so supplie will last).
We've recently brewed up some Ayahuasca. Am I to expect anything close to what I experienced before? I'm a bit apprehensive to be like that for hours on end (although It seemed like eternities whilst in hyperspace)
I smoked it for the first time myself a week ago, and despite the fact that I no longer felt my body and was completely encompassed by a world of churning color and whining sirens and what sounded like alien voices, I know it was not a full break-through experience.

Which is scary to think... I think I got caught in the "halfway" point between this reality and, you know. That other one.

The knowledge exchange you speak of, I know exactly what you mean... I am very curious to explore it further as well. It wasn't an exchange in any kind of language we'd understand or be able to relay. It's like the being(s) (whatever it/they is/are) was struggling to communicate with me but there was a language barrier.

I think we'll be able to understand more with every visit.
welcome brother.
...let go of any desire to "reconnect with your poster".....the spice will show/teach you what i chooses WHEN it chooses. your poster was only the beginning my friend.....what the spirit molecule has to teach you is infinitely more than what you just got a glimpse of. when you are living in this awareness of "infinite possibilites" and "nothing goes according to a plan"....THEN your panic moments will dramatically subside. surrender EVERYTHING and meet all with love.

you have begun a journey of epic proportions my brother. good on ya!

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