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First Breakthrough?

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SWIM is new to the spice way of life, but will never go back to life without spice.
In the recent weeks SWIM has been experimenting with smoking DMT. His first few times he did not go over .02-.03 sized doses, until last week SWIM grew his nuts a bit and has been going further. SWIM ended up tripping for 2 hours straight the other night. SWIM started with his usual .02 dose, but as soon as he leveled out a bit SWIM packed more spice on. SWIM kept repeating this procedure until he reached a point where this reality literally melted away, and SWIM was pure energy. SWIM actually fully believed at this point that he was God himself. SWIM thought he created physical life, and every single thing in it. Friends, Family, air, matter itself, all created by him in this place that he was comparing to the matrix at the time. SWIM actually thought he seen the spirit of a friend of his when he was in this place of energy, he even called out loud to him "Jon" "JON!" LOL.. It was very awe inspiring. SWIM had tears in his eyes when It all melted back, and he realized he was back in the Matrix again. SWIM just wanted to stay in hyperspace forever.

SWIM was not speaking with other intelligence or anything.. but would this be considered a breakthrough? Or just really damn close?
Big Inhale said:
I'm going to say yes.Congratulations we have a breakthrough! welcome to the other side.

Thank you for the welcome. Swim is happy to have been over, and cant wait to go back. He wonders what is in store for him next :D
SWIM completely relates to your experience. The way you were inching yourself towards oneness with the "Higher Power", maybe not on purpose, but not unwelcomed. SWIM feels as if she had been playing on the sidelines for a while, and just by accident tripped into the game. Accident or not, SWIM's life is changed forever. Becoming one with God, or becoming God, whichever it is, was the most incredible thing that has ever happened in her life, or not life, or after life during this life?!? SWIM has yet to see insect creatures or mechanical elves, but with more trips will come more knowledge and understanding, and more meetings with other creatures from other planes of existence. :d
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