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First breaktrough?

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Hi everyone,
I recently started exploring the spirit realm.
So i got myself some dmt (some white and some yellow/brownish)
After a few tries with the white dmt i had some nice experiences but i wasnt sure if i had a breaktrough. After a week or 2 i thought i should try the yellow one, so i did.
I took 2 giant hits and i was gone gone. One less hit i took with the white dmt.
I cant make much of my trip but what i remember is tha i was trown in some sort of black hole and i think beaten up in it or constantly trown into other realities.
I was in pannic until a certain point i crawled out of the black whole. Then my anxiety was almost gone. This was such an intens expierience way more intens than the white one.
Just wanted to share this with someone. Thanks!
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