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First bufotenine extraction yields... Coca Cola syrup?

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Hey guys! Was excited to try out my first extraction of bufotenin from 25g of Anadenanthera colubrina seeds.

This is what I did:

1. Crushed seeds with hammer inside a ziplock bag
2. Mixed it all up with an equal quantity of sodium carbonate
3. Added a couple of spoons of citric acid to a half cup of water then mixed it in with the seeds and powder.
4. When you mix it in lots of fizzing and foaming. I slowed my pace of pouring it in and stirred with a pen. I let the jar sit overnight (the whole thing smells like peanut butter)
5. I poured in the sludge over a baking pan and put it in oven at 300f for about an hour
6. It dried up real nice into an even layer that I then crumbled out. Looked exactly like peanut brittle candy.
7. I crushed it all again with a hammer inside a bag
8. I put the crumbs in a jar and then poured in acetone and stirred. The acetone turns yellow like urine but cloudy and darker. I pour it out into another cup with paper towel acting as a filter and repeat several times.
9. To the recovered acetone I added a couple spoons worth of citric acid and the solution went wild with yellowish specks flying around (bufotenin?!). I let the solution sit for a couple hours.
10. I poured out the acetone and at the bottom was left with some crud that looked like dirty snot. There was also some fine sandy stuff at the bottom which was probably undissolved citric acid.
11. I now added a couple spoons of calcium hydroxide and stirred in more acetone and everything turned milky white. I left it alone for about an hour.
12. When I came back the solution had turned into two layers with yellow acetone above and muddy white lime at the bottom. I poured out the acetone through paper towel into a shot glass.
13. I warmed the glass with the yellow acetone on the stove on low until a soft boil. I didn't remove it until it was nearly dry.

What I was left with was a very viscous but clear resin like tree sap and a slight medicinal smell.


What is this? Did I accidentally make myself some changa?
You asked for advice on another thread, I advised you NOT to do this extraction method since its most likely bunk. You did it anyways. I have no idea what you have but I doubt its bufotenine.

Where did you get the idea for this?

There's lots of very questionable steps there. What makes you think bufotenine citrate (which is what would be formed in step 3-4) would be soluble in acetone (step 8 ) ?

Then you added more citric acid (step 9) which makes no sense because bufotenine would already be in citrate form?

I'd say start again, and I'd recommend you try out what I suggested on the other thread, or at least use that as a base point and lets keep talking about what changes make sense to make or not in the suggestion.
Guys, no need to get testy. I did the experiment knowing it might likely fail (plus I don't have fumaric acid anyway). Anyway, I had fun doing it.

After about a day the resin hardened and it broke up into little sheets like caramel. I went ahead and smoked a bit of it and right away it hit me. My face tightened up and stung a bit then everything in front of me got all jelly-like. I laid down and closed my eyes and had some CEVs that were a lot like DMT though not as intense. This was only from two lungfuls. That stuff had a lot more kick than I thought it would.

I can post a pic of the caramel chips if anyone is interested.
In the end this tek did work. Over the next 24hrs the resin flattened out and dried. It broke up into little chips that were really easy to handle and smoke.

Same effects as powder bufo, just not sure what the equivalent dosage in mg would be.
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