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first changa advice

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hi folks,
my firend is preparing changa for the first time. using caapi freebase as the harmalas (easy caapi extraction). The idea is to use 4g of herbs + 2g spice + 1g caapi freebase to end with 7g final product. Not sure which will be the way of administration, probably a pipe or joint, he rather not use a bong. The base(herbal blend) will be 50% mullein 25% damiana and 25% blue lotus (ratios for 4grams herbs). he has not infused yet because he wanted some final advice and experienced opinions. Any suggestions, tips, comments? thx
Just some personal opinions,

In that ratio of herb-dmt, that could end up being on the lighter side as far as the experience goes, unless you were just to load more, though by loading more that would in effect be alottt to take in [lots of herb there to smoke, along with the infused dmt, + the harmalas].

2:1 ratio, and other potential ratios, I mean those are totally fine and all, but I prefer 1:1 of dmt:herb. Many other members here do this ratio, and if you're looking to go deep [not that that has to be the goal], then a 1:1 ratio is fairly failproof in terms of the amount needed to breakthrough. Much less needed to smoke with the 1:1. I'd imagine that loading a joint of the ratio you listed above to be a fairly weak experience, unless this is what you were after, then in that case all is good. :) Though in the end it's completely your call, just offering my opinion.

The amount of caapi freebase you were planning to use seems legit, mediumish amount of harmalas relative to everything else you listed. I'll usually use 250-300mg caapi freebase per 1g dmt, the harmalas don't seem to impart much if anything into/throughout the dmt experience, aside from how the harmalas slow the experience down a couple steps ime. Several other members here use this harmala:dmt ratio in their changa.

With that said some seek the more harmala heavy changa blends, though I'd imagine there could be real intense somatic effects from the high ratio of harmalas to dmt, probably hitting close to being ayahuasca-similar. Can't really comment on the harmala heavy blends though or it's similarity to ayahuasca, though I have taken chacruna/caapi, and idk .. I can't imagine it being like or even similar to a brew, but I could be wrong.

Anywho, hope it all works out for you. <3

* Also, for changa or enhanced leaf there is little better of a device than a smaller glass bong, or even potentially better - a smaller glass bubbler, and with either of those load ice cold water. Very effective delivery methods imo
thank you tatt. actually something went wrong with caapi extraction and got only 300mg from 100g. he used that instead of one gram as planned. that difference made the herb more spice concentrated. he tried it today in a joint and was amazing, four hits and a nice 10 minutes experience. Mullein, damiana and blue lotus probably played a role as maois. he likes milder experiences and the joint method though it "wastes" a bit comes in gradually which for beginners could be adequate. truth is that these herbs had some narcotic effect that lasted like an hour... next time might try caapi leaf. trully very special medicine. thanks again.
Make multiple strengths / ratios

I have just used 1:1 caapi leaf for the longest time, but recently played around with making both stronger harmala blends and lighter harmala /strong dmt blends.

in my opinion, the best changa I have had yet has also been the weakest changa all around!

But there are caveats to that statement.

Strong changa is great for one or 2 hit breakthroughs if that is the sort of thing you are going for, but week changa I find much more enjoyable as you can roll a huge spliff and puff every minute or so until you get where you want to be and set the changa joint down in the ashtray, then 5 to 10 minutes later , pick it back up and start easing in a little deeper.

The blend im smoalking lately is 1 part caapi leaf: 2 parts caapi vine, 1 part 50x blue lotus extract, 1 part DMT FB , you need to smoke a good 150 mg to get anywhere remotely interesting, but what starts to happen at much higher doses is amazing, and once you start puffing on the week changa, the pre flight jitters go away as soon as you start to feel the gentle effects, so its easier to work your way into smoking life changing / character building doses without anxiety.

I find this to be a really great way to enjoy changa in a little more safe / less intense, but equally valuable / deep (just different) way.

I personally will vouch for both week and strong changa as being worth producing and especially consuming, assuming it is legal in your jurisdiction of course.

Play around with your blends, once i started to, I couldnt believe how long i went with the first thing i tried ... so many different options to enjoy.

edit: TL;DR play around with changa that is low in BOTH dmt AND maoi, its my favorite way to changa these days
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