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First communion with She that is Her.

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Another 50mg 1:1 E-Leaf experience.

This time to the tune of Maitreya - Biolumigen (STRONGLY Recommended, and I feel this song played an absolutely essential role in the events of this experience.)

This will be rather short, as it seems to be completely ineffable to describe it fully.

I have heard so much about the Machine elves, the Queen, and the guttural essence of "Her".

In my experiences thus far, I can't say I have encountered them - However I have definitely had the feeling that /they/ have encountered /me/.

I could feel them. Sense them. I felt like I was being watched. Not ominously, but intriguingly.

That all changed this time. I made sure to tell myself, repeatedly to pay attention this time. Focus. Understand. Observe. Accept.

Going into the second half of the experience She appeared. Or had she been there for some time? I distinctly remember thinking that I had known she was female all along, like it was normal for her to be there yet we have never met. And then it hit me.

She is Her. The all encompassing matriarchal essence of life.

She was sitting legs folded, not cross legged but both to one side with her hands on the floor. Beckoning me. Teaching me what I feel as though i've known all along, yet I have no idea what that is.

She moved around the space with such grace, as this is the first time I have truly had enough control to "look around" within this space.

I have not left my body yet. I feel that I have lost control of my body during these experiences, however I am fully still aware that my body exists in a dormant phase. Yet there she was. Clear as day. It is ingrained in my vision and it was the most beautiful experience I think i've ever witnessed.

'Till we meet again, Mother of All.
Northerner said:
Were you able to hear the music the whole time?

It's weird. Like always with my music.

Can I hear it? Not quite but afterwards I know that I was listening. It doesn't make sense.

For the first few moments of my experiences I always find myself questioning "was that part of the song? Or was that my mind?"

I think it's a little bit of both.

Then, It's all so bizarre its almost as if I am seeing the music manifested.

As I come down, I usually apply slight pressure to my eyelids with my fingers as I squeeze my eyes shut harder, and that produces extremely interesting visual patterns that seem as though they conform with the song as it re-enters my immediate conscious.
Another interesting point is that I could tell for sure, that she was not manifesting herself in her true form.

It's as though, since we were meeting much closer to my realm than hers, she knew this - and chose to occupy a form of being that was still easy for me to comprehend.

It's like she was a human - but just energy. Dark colored energy with the entire scene around her made of beautiful oranges and roses. Even as she was dark, it was not frightening or off-putting. It was calming and tranquil like the dead of night in a comfortable space.
You could try a bit more, maybe 70-80mg, enough so you cannot hear the music at all here, when you are there. It will suddenly become apparent when you start hearing the music again, the division between that place and this one will have another aspect for you.
Northerner said:
You could try a bit more, maybe 70-80mg, enough so you cannot hear the music at all here, when you are there. It will suddenly become apparent when you start hearing the music again, the division between that place and this one will have another aspect for you.

Absolutely. If you read my other post, titled "Hyperspace? I barely even know her!" it will give you a little bit more perspective on why I am currently still exploring this dosage level and not particularly rushing things.

Just soakin' it in and trying to learn as much as I can from each chapter.
I totally respect your cautious and measured approach.

I like swimming in the deep end and always encourage others to jump in also, but that's just me. 😁
For sure! I am completely on the path, Im not particularly scared of increasing, I'm not intimidated. Rather I just am currently enjoying the current stage so thoroughly that I see no need to jump up yet. Everything in moderation.

In the end, Im utilizing this molecule to provide me with wisdom, insight and fun. Currently - it is accomplishing that even from this vantage point.

Truly an incredible chemical.
Thanks for this experience report. But I do not agree with your recommendation of Maitreya - Biolumigen. I would get stressed when tripping on this music, too chaotic.

If I trip I put on music like Moola Prayer - Sudha & Maneesh De Moor. This kind of music gets me deep into trips. There is in fact an interactivity between the music and how the trip unfolds.

Everyone has it's own favorites, and yes music plays an important role, especially when drinking the brew :).
Too each is own!

I don't see it as chaotic whatsoever. I find it to be very soothing.

I am an extremely big electronic music enthusiast. I listen to psychedelic and bass music in droves.

Chaotic examples would be Bogtrotter, Kursa, Koan Sound, Reso, Zebbler Encanti Experience.
I think Maitreya - Biolumigen is a very interesting piece. Might be a bit weird for me and DMT... I prefer deep prog, something with many layers, soft changes and a throbbing bass when journeying. Bommonly I just put on friskyradio.com, for ease and surety that the music isn't going to stop or be jolting.

When coming out it's nice to end up in places where the geometry pulsates and changes colour in time with the music. So divine.
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