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First contact with the beings beyond the mandala

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Hello fellow travelers

I’m brand new here and new to the experience of the spice. Though I have been experimenting with psychedelics since my teenage years And have a deep and profound experienced with K. I don’t think there’s much that can prepare you for DMT.

I initially became curious about DMT having learned that it may be excreted/ produced in the pineal gland at the moment of death and during dreaming. Being that I have practiced lucid dreaming for a couple of decades ( and I fact had my first LD at the age of 5) I wondered if the DMT dimension could be manipulated and navigated in the same way as in lucid dreams.

My experience;

I loaded my brand new Glass VG Sherlock with what I thought would have been a below breakthrough quantity of spice I had evaporated into some mullein on a bed of Caapi. The spirit I used was enfused with blue lotus. Seeing as I didn’t have all the ingredients for the Changa tek I was going by I made use of what I had. I felt this was the time.

I prepared my sacred circle, smudged air and warmed my pipe in my hands while speaking my ritual intentions. (Something I do with every journey for both psychological and ritualistic peace of mind)

Eventually I built up the courage to go for the plunge, a candle lit in front of me. Black out blinds pulled. I lit the lighter and drew slowly counting 10, 11, 12, to 15 seconds, then held. As I counted I looked straight ahead. After about 14 seconds the room began to pixilate, I thought to myself “here we go”. I got 18 seconds and let out the smoke. I wondered if this would be enough should I take another hit? And that’s when my vision became overlaced with Islamic infinity patterns. Quite confusing at first. And then I realised that I should close my eyes. As soon as I did that I was in. The most beautiful bright vibrant patterns. I remember thinking it’s true then, we do live in a simulation. So perfect was the geometry of this place, replicateable in our own 3D world, but perfect without dust or erosion or decay. A dimension of light more beautiful than anything I had ever seen before perhaps but also familiar. I had glimmers of fear and doubt, I noticed each time they arose the vibrancy of the patterns would dull. Much like transversing into a lucid dream from wakefulness (WILD) I realised I had to allow it to progress. then like a flower it opens up.

A mandala formed of the hands of entities reaching out for me, telepathically encouraging me to join them. Again I hesitated. I sensed the doubt and distrust would send me down a less pleasant path as again the vibrancy dulled. And I thought well I’m here now so I may as well make the best of it and connected my astral dream hand to theirs. The connection was like two chemicals fusing. We were now linked. I was in..

I watched them, many of them in front of me all showing me their mandalas, visions of kaleidoscopic splendour, the facets of which made of Ruby’s, energy, concepts, blood, abstract and unknown materials, the more I looked the more unfathomable the whole thing became, they wanted me to keep looking. I had the sense that it was healing me I some way. Beyond anything I could have ever imagined in its beauty and sophistication.

I had the feeling that I had better lay down. And as I lay backward the DMT world shifted like it box being tipped from face to face to face. I was now in a corridor. It’s walls adorned with Islamic/ shipibo geometric designs. The corridor was not symmetrical it had ledges and ununiform parts. But adhered to an oblong type structure. The patterns changed and morphed all the way. And I had the thought to just be present. To still my mind. As this had worked very well when on a deep K hole trip bringing me to a single point of consciousness in the empty infinite sphere of bliss. However in this instance it just took me out of the space. The trip began to fade. The entities loosened their grip, communicating to me not to go, and that they were sad I was leaving and goodbye. And I lay in my room until I felt completely normal again within a matter of minutes.

It was short and sweet, I’d say around 7 minutes if I was to guess. As a complete beginner into this space I can see I have allot to learn, it’s exiting as I feel like the new kid at school with this one and I’m guessing there is very much to learn in this incredible place. I feel blessed that in my lifetime I have seen wonders and beauty that so few have experienced and that this world is now only a breath away.

Much love and peace.

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