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First DMT attempt/failure

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Not enough info to say from here what went wrong, so many variables... you probably did not inhale enough, since you have no scale and you smoked it till you felt it. You have to go on toking after the point you feel 'something' to get more impressive results!

Or a large part of the spice crept away from the flame and didn't vaporize. You really have to inhale thick clouds and hold it in long!
Burnt lips, nausea... it sounds like something is not right.

Words like 'profound, incredible, beyond imagination' don't do it justice. When you finally do break through, it might be a bit more than you asked for ;)

But I'm a bad advisor, today I completely misfired.
SWIY needs to hold in each inhalation for 20-30 seconds. Take 3 deep inhalations and hold them in, holding the last for as long a duration as possible. Also heat the product just enough to vaporize some but not to burn it. So just keep running the flame over it to melt and vap it.
This sounds very similar to SWIM last 4 attempts at smoking spice he extracted...

It really is quite disheartening he says...same..burning..numb lips. (the technique has been adjusted and the smoke is less harsh and no lip numbness, however no effects either.)
soz for replying on an old thread, i just don't visit that often...
Anyhow, if its tasteing REALY bad, you are burning it, especialy if its like numbing at the same time.
Back off with the heat, and toke longer but softer.
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