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First DMT experience

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After taking some preparation, which consisted of consuming a beer, I went into my room and and sat on my bed with my back against the wall. I sat there, breathing in and out slowly, calming myself for the journey I was about to embark on. Lightbulb vaporizer in hand, I sat there and asked the DMT entities to, "Show me their world." I held up the makeshift vaporizer, and brought the lighter as far away as possible while still vaporizing the DMT so as not to burn any of it.

After the bulb had filled with a somewhat thick smoke I dragged on it. As I did so I felt my heart rate rise. It was incredibly hard to drag. As I held the smoke I started vaporizing another hit. I was feeling the effects quickly and once the bulb had filled I ejected the smoke that was in my lungs and laboriously dragged upon it again. As I held the smoke in I started vaporizing for a third time, needing to work quickly because I was being overwhelmed, I held the lighter closer to the bulb. I began to drag again, but I soon realized that in all my excitement and haste I was not using the carb. I let my thumb off the carb and cleared the bulb with ease.

I quickly set the bulb by my side because I did not want to drop it. I closed my eyes and began to get lost inside the DMT landscape. Color and patterns began to flash across my counciousness. But there was a certain familiarity here. Probably because of the yopo I had done not too long ago. As I was able to make sense of what was flying through my brain I opened my eyes. I studied my room. At first it looked like my room, and then it took on a very alien nature.

I sat there and examined my floor. It is covered with clothes shoes and all sorts of crap since I recently moved and have no furniture. Everything on my floor became some one big puzzle. I set there and tried to figure out this puzzle, but I did not know what I wa trying to figure out. After a short while of this I came to a realization that this is not what I wanted to do. So I quickly shut off the light and with wide open eyes gazed in amazement at the colorful and wonderful geometric patterns before my eyes.

After sitting in the dark for a minute or two it went into the afterglow phase. The thing that stood out most to me was the crystal clear mental clarity that I had the whole time. Since I do not have a mg scale I eye balled it. I estimate it was a 40mg dose, but from examining the bulb it looks like there is about 10mg left in it. I'm pleased with the experience. Although the feeling that your lungs and throat are being turned inside out while your tripping is not a good feeling. The product needs a recrystal for sure.

Hope you guys enjoyed,

Sounds interesting , thank you for sharing your first experince , glad things went relatively well .

One question , which tech did you use to obtain the DMT , and did you encounter any problems ?
Always great to read someones first experience, hope all that hard work payed off in the best of manners. I just love it when people try DMT for the first time, I'm just as excited as they are!

One way to combat the harshness of smoking the crystal is to make it into Enhanced Leaf, there are a few posts lurking around regarding the subject but for the best guide on how to do it check out The DMT Handbook. If you can't be bothered then simply smoking it out of bong should reduce it slightly.
I hope this isn't too much of a threadjack, but SWIM just spiced in a faiirly close space of time to you, visualdistortion.

The experience didn't have some of the exadurated, colourful "backlit" type visuals, but was quite subtle with a feminine form appearing in subtle shades of red, brown and yellows. This was the first experience that swim had had in which there were many thoughts, (his thoughts) running simulataneously asif crosshatching over eachother. he remembers arriving at a conclusion, the thought ended something like "but that would mean that I would have to beleive in entities." which is odd, because he was fairly certain that he did.

Anyhoo, it was the first experience in which he felt there may have been somekind of information download. And from looking at the PC screen, he felt for the first time that all of the information in the world is perfectly formed, and valuable. This doesn't explain some of the sloppy grammer we were talking about on the nexus on another thread though.


Incedently, Swim also whispered to me that although he thought this spice was fairly pure (very light yellow), that it probably needs refining again too; tis a little burny.
deweeb said:
Sounds interesting , thank you for sharing your first experince , glad things went relatively well .

One question , which tech did you use to obtain the DMT , and did you encounter any problems ?

The tech I used was the STB. The crystals are white, but they burn so I really think they need a recrystal. The only problem I encountered was the sloppiness that was inherent with not having lab equipment of any kind. Pour naptha stright from that terribly designed can is quite a pain.

I did really enjoy the DMT afterglow. I find the experience to be very welcoming and will find out what you guy mean by breaking through sometime in the future. I'm sure I'll know it when it happens. I first have to perfect my smoking technique. I wanna try the vapor genie but it's 50-60 bucks. So a light bulb will suffice for now.
When I first started I too wasnt sure if I would know if I broke thru but the effect is very pronounced. You know when you do. One of the reasons I laud purity is it makes breaking thru much easier. It's not a simple task to perform but with pure crystals and some skill I was able to do it in one hit. Usually I would take 2 just to be sure. I just used a pipe I had bought at a head shop eventually it's all about getting used to handling the smoke without coughing or pausing. It takes practice I most people dont break thru the first time. I didnt.
I wasn't expecting or trying to break through on my first experience. I didn't cough or pause either. I was just trying to gain a feel for what was happening. kinda like dipping your toe into a pool. But it did burn like hell and I'm definately gonna recrystal soon.
I am so excited now. My first lb of root bark (I don't plan on doing it all at once, just when I need some, so I can perfect my STB technique) arrives in 2 days.
all i have ever smoked was orange yellow crystals that werent made by me(from a lsd chemist in CALI)
its harsh but its supposed to be.

Ive heard around here that some prefer the orange/yellow spice.(although i have never tryed white spice)

if it isnt harsh then your probably recrystalized too much IMO..

Terrence Mckenna always said "it takes three big tokes, & it feels like little razors cutting your lungs up.. you really have to have leather lungs"

I just get the feeling before breaking through that all the air is being sucked outta the room by the second, it feels like my lungs stop working.. that always makes me a bit more nervous..

& that gross plasticy smell/taste always gives me a deja vu kinda feeling; like here i go again!

even the default pic on erowid is a solid yellow crystal shard.

yellow & white are two diff. things IMO. every step changes it.
VD, hope you read my other post to your first time on your other thread. like i've said before, i LOVE reading first-time breakthrough stories! it's like if a baby could talk right after being born :) ....anyways, just wanted to let you know that SWIM prefers vaporizing fortified mullein leaf and it's just as smooth as a deep breath of fresh air to him. simply dissolve 2 parts spice (SWIM LOVES the brown/oxide spice cuz he feels like having some of the plant fats/material in there makes a positive difference) in 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol, add 1 part ground mullein leaf and evap the alcohol off with a fan until it's fully dried. put a nice pinch in a vapor genie and tell your lungs i said, "you're welcome". :D

Don't worry about recrystalizing. If your DMT is mostly white, you're fine. The problem is using a light-bulb vaporizer. Trust me on that - I started out with the light bulb, and no matter how well you vape it, it's far, far harsher than other methods for some reason.

If you have a pipe, just use a bit of ash, then DMT, then a tiny bit of ash on top.. much smoother. Or if you can, build the Machine from a one-shot alcohol bottle with a concave bottom. Much smoother, much harder hits.

I promise.
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