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First DMT trip?... First psychedelic of any kind.... Just WOW!!

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Some people on here have really great writing styles and ability with words... You probably won't get that coherence here with me but I'll try my best....

Just to point out that I, like anyone else here, didn't really do this... It's just how I imagine it would have gone if I did. It would be illegal, illegal stuff is bad, ergo DMT is bad.

So, I settled into my spot, got comfortable .... Very nervous, but eager.
I made a decision to try my first go from a method I'd seen elsewhere... 2L plastic bottle with the bottom cut away and a tinfoil bottom... I loaded a full 100mg and proceeded... Huge mistake. Completely wasted product. At best a got a temporary buzzing but it died as quick as I started. It was weird cause I definitely felt at least 2 big lungfulls of that DMT taste and it looked cloudy. Either way, it didn't work.
Disappointment set in, so I found myself in the nexus chat room looking for advice.... _Arcane_ to the rescue, convinced me to try the sandwich method. I was apprehensive about that before, for reasons I now have no idea of.
So attemp 2... I loaded my clean glass bong with a layer of Marshmallow herb, then 70mg of spice, then a topping layer again of the mallow.
I put on a YouTube video that had nice trancy music... It also as an added benefit let me know later how long I was gone... As a downside, an advert kicked in at some point and I had to reach forward and skip it... Definitely not ideal but I was well on the way back by that stage anyway.
My intention was to take 3 rips... First one was smooth, second came in a little harsher but still very manageable... I was halfway through blowing out while lifting the bong up to my mouth for the third and "whooooosh" I had to set it down.... Everything just went like a buzz, almost like a different frequency or something.
I lay back, and due to the brightness of my iPad playing the video, I rested my arm over my face. The crook of my elbow being across the bridge of my nose to block the light to my eyes.
The colours were so beautiful, fractal shapes that seemed to be alive. With their own emotions or experience separate to mine.
They were moving and rearranging like it was a display that had a purpose I couldn't understand. There was a darkness in the back but I was aware of its presence and it aware of me.... It felt like it moved forward or over the top of the fractals that were displaying for me... All the fractals and their emotion and feelings seemed to have edge and definition, but the darkness was shifting between a hard black shape and a wispy black smoke and then back again multiple times.... Eventually it got close and it lunged at me... The best analogy I can think of is like a dog that would snap it's mouth at something as a warning, but not actually bite..... The instant the darkness did that, the colours turned attention to it rather than me and made it back away.... They didn't hate the darkness, it was almost like they pushed it back saying "he's not ready" but not with words obviously.
The fractal displays then continued and eventually I became aware of a geometric fortress or low castle... It felt like it was below me but also in the distance. I was there to see it but as much as I wanted to go in, it was as if I was not invited. I was welcome to observe but definitely not come in though I felt like I will go there eventually but it wouldn't be then.
I was on the way back when the iPad video went to an advert and that was a lesson, I'll make sure not to make that mistake again. I then hit 2 more rips from the bong and I got that change of frequency feeling again with some geometric patterns but without emotion. It never reached anything close to the first successful rips.
Arcane was in chat again to talk me through a few things... Credit to him, he explained a recent trip that he definitely didn't have and it reminded me clearly of the castle fortress I had seen which at that point was completely lost to me. I had forgotten it and I'm not sure it would have come back to me if not for the conversation with Arcane.
I've prepared some enhanced leaf for my next run.... I'm eager, but also apprehensive as I know that darkness wants me for something. But I also know I'll have to deal with it eventually, if not next time, then at some point.

Anyway, that's about it.... I'd love to hear some of your opinions on it and wether any of it has any similarity to previous journeys of your own.

Thanks for taking the time to read (and to post if you so wish)
It's great that you finally got to see the potential that DMT has, I am sure if you keep working with it that it will give you some of the most inspiring rewards you could wish to have.
fabulous report - good of you to do your research and learn the ways...

and also - you are humble - your writing style is lovely.

when you take hits after the first, if they are not in reasonably quick succession, tolerance develops rapidly and the subsequent hits will not have as much of an effect. take your hits in succession during each session, or wait an hour or two until some tolerance has subsided.

thanks for sharing your experience!
savage said:
I was halfway through blowing out while lifting the bong up to my mouth for the third and "whooooosh" I had to set it down....

I can relate to that! lol

Nice report! Practice makes perfect!
Thanks for sharing savage, I can totally relate to that... when I first got my DMT I was so anxious to try it and got straight to the plastic bottle+foil way: such I waste now that i look back!!!

I've finally crossed to the other side today, 100mg sandwich with passion flower in glass pipe... PURE JOY.

I also agree your writing style is actually quite natural and very pleasant to read.

Happy trips :thumb_up:
Good journey report, savage, and a good writing style too - thank you for sharing. I have to say that there are some marked similarities to my one and only breakthrough about a month ago. This is especially about the 'it being aware of you and you being aware of it being aware of you' moment and then some sort of interaction. For me, this was being fed or given something by the coloured light 'origami' being or beings after which I entered a sort of roller coaster ride, much of which was an insane outside-in and inside-out, upside down and downside up kind of experience, punctuated by brief moments of being back where I was but it being something else completely i.e. it looked like a room but in fact was a large tent. I also got the 'whoosh' moment as no doubt many do...one minute you're here, you're human, you have memory, a body etc etc and the next...it's all gone disappeared as if it never existed. I've read some reports here where people are still conscious of their humanity, not so in my case, I wasn't anything although I felt that where I was, wasn't exactly where I belonged. I didn't have a mind as such and I think that, due to this, I wasn't scared but I did have awareness. In fact, I would say that there is a sense of 'you're not really meant to be here but we're going to show you some stuff anyway' - sort of like a forbidden zone. Anyway, I'm going on too much about my own experience. Well done for persevering and good luck and many blessings for next adventure :)
Yes, odysseus, I too completely lost my humanity on the one and only breakthrough I've experienced...WHOOOSH! and then no body, no mind, no memory of anything prior. In fact, it was total amnesia in that moment, and so utterly confusing. Like so many others, the details escape me now. But the after effects have been prolonged, very beneficial and quite profound. Not quite been brave enough to venture in there again yet though. X
Welcome to the "DMT initiated"

My most significant breakthrough occured with DMT-free base crystals resting on a layer of high grade cannabis, then, a light layer of cannabis was spread over the top of the translucent yellow DMT crystals, it was "sandwiched" as you describe it.
I was using a small metal cannabis pipe, and I cleared the entire contents of the bowl in a single inhalation, there was no DMT or cannabis left in the pipe after I had taken a single massive inhalation...
it started to take effect nearly instantly, before I could count to 5 I was frantically trying to exhale thinking "get this stuff out of me!" The experiance was already too intense before I could finish exhaling...though this was a massive dose of DMT to start with.

I have a GVG, but my favorite method is still to smoke the DMT "sandwiched" with cannabis out of my peace pipe...



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