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First experience with Changa, breakthrough

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(mind)Set: Positive, confident, open
(physical condition) Set: Healthy, dancing and yoga, various sports
Setting (location): Bedroom, one candle, clean, good vibes
time of day: 11 pm, clouded
recent drug use: a couple mushrooms here and there the week before
last meal: 6pm-ish, whole-weat pasta with veggies

Gender: m
body weight: 68kg
known sensitivities: pollen allergies, people
history of use: first timer


Substance(s): lsd 15~trips, mushrooms/truffles 3, 2c-b 6, mdma 2.5
Dose(s): lsd from 100-320ug, from micro to 2.5g, 2c-b 30mg, mdma 80-150
Method of administration: (big variety)

Intensity (overall): 3-4
Evaluation / notes:

Pleasantness: 4
Implesantness: 3
Visual Intensity: 1


Hangover: first dose 0, second dose 3 ; mental exhaustion ; one hour(until sleep)
Afterglow: first dose 3 ; upbeat and high senses; 20 minutes, second dose 3 ; giddy feeling ;2 minutes


This report is written 36 hours after my changa experience. I have been processing the experience a lot, so read everything knowing that some parts most likely have been altered. I would like to to add that I am on a personal spiritual path. When using drugs non recreationally I prefer to be alone, so I figured this would be the case for changa as well. Here we go.

Test dose, to get a feeling. I cover the filter sparingly of my 15 cm tall bubbler with some dry changa. Head and body gets heavy, snake like patterns of arrow heads go in super speed on the floor and the wall. I love to dance so I figure I might try it but it's too intense, feels like my fingers are gone. Lay down on my bed, close eyes, enjoying the show, the feeling, the music, really calm great relaxing wowing experience. Eventually I forget to keep my eyes closed and open them after about 7 minutes. Thinking this is the most powerful thing I've ever come across, and at such a low dose! I left the outside door open and got really cold, so for my second dose I decided to leave it closed and warm inside.

After some resting, breathing, yoga and the shortest meditating session I've ever done, I fill up the bong cone a bit over half full. I wish I could tell you the dose but I knew neither the weight or the strength of the blend. I put on a Tash Sultana album and as my favorite song of hers starts playing (called Notion) I feel calm and at ease, ready to try this dose. I made sure to let go of all my expectations from DMT, and I went in with no conscious intention other than a "show me what I need to see" kind of attitude.

In my bed, music playing. Fill up the bong, thinking this is a LOT of smoke. I inhale and quickly put the bong on the floor, lay down with a blanket covering me, I first put my arms on my chest like in a coffin but as my arms melt into my body I quickly put them down on the side. I was almost about to breathe but then I remembered I should hold it longer. I don't recall ever taking that breath as I felt what I think dying/passing out feels like, so much of this part I don't remember. After this there is a huge gap where I was not present, but I got the feeling something had happened.

Eventually I find myself somewhere I would describe as space-like, as in no walls just space. Complete ego-death, the music is still playing and everything is in perfect harmony. My memory from this part is so weak that trying to say anything else would be making stuff up.

Suddenly I'm back in my body in what appears to be a white room, giving me a doctor's office waiting room kind of feel to it. I feel anxious, it doesn't feel right. So I completely let go of my body, as it dissolves into bubbly like pieces and becomes apart of a stream of ?energy or life or what you want to call it. I am back in the same space as the first time but this time it's clearer than the first and I see the flowing, floating, space-river and truly feel apart of it, one with everything and I still hear the music more beautiful than ever. Just pure bliss and harmony, so safe and no confusion. One with all

Eventually I find myself back in my body in the same white room, did I die? The thought didn't occur to me, I just felt the same anxiety as before so I did the same as earlier and let go entirely, my body dissolves and I am back in the stream. I think this happened twice but it could be more.

The trip ended with me being in the white room,back in my body and the music got distorted. It wasn't too pleasant so I opened my eyes to see vibrations so powerful I felt the need to close my eyes and just wait it out, this part of the trip was not very pleasant, and eventually I was back in my bed in this world just rolling around in amazement. Looking at the music it lasted 15~ minutes, but the trip felt like about an hour with LOTS of cut-outs.

After the initial amazement of what I had just witnessed I felt so mentally exhausted, not able to do much. So I ate and drank some before going to bed.

I have had a hard time letting go of my doubts about my spirituality, this trip gave me exactly what I needed, and I have little desire to try this amazing, mystical drug again as for now. THanks for reading and I would love some feedback, or if there's anything that needs to be clarified let me know and I will try my best!


My attempt to draw the stream, I did not see it go full circle :)
Great introduction, but your trip report is indeed a bit confusing.

Known sensitivities: pollen allergies, people ? Tell me about the last detail :) .

What was the mixture of your changa?
Thank you.

I put on people as sensitivities as I have difficulties distancing myself/creating boundaries when I'm around others. So if the person I'm with has a certain emotion, I from time to time unwillingly pick it up myself..
Wish I could tell you but I don't know the mixture of the blend.
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