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First experiences; looking for advice

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So I've been curious about DMT since pre-internet days when it seemed that nobody else had even heard of it, let alone knew where or how to get it. As awareness has spread since the 90's it's become easier to find, but it took me a long time to finally decide to do it. I recently got hold of some, and decided to finally give it a try.

So I had done a fair amount of reading and knew that I should start with a smallish dose; however, I didn't yet have a mg scale. I was excited to give it a try though, so I decided to eyeball it (I know, bad idea). I had a small glass chillum, and I stuffed it with a piece of steel wool, similar to "the machine," then loaded it up with a couple small scoops -- I estimated it to be about 30 mgs, but obviously I have no idea how close I was. I sat in my bed, with the lights off, and partly under the blankets. I was a little nervous as I got ready for the first hit. I held the flame of the lighter a little below the pipe and began to draw. The first thing I noticed was the taste and the smell, which were definitely unpleasant, but I was expecting that. It wasn't near as harsh as I expected, though, so I think I did a fair job of vaporizing it and not burning. I took a fair-sized toke, but definitely less than I could have. I held it in, but not as long as I could have. I didn't feel anything happen until after I exhaled. Just as I was about to take the 2nd hit, I felt something start to happen, and made the quick decision not to take the 2nd hit. I decided I'd just see what happened and get a taste of the experience.

I should have mentioned, I do take SSRI's for anxiety & depression. I had read that this would probably reduce the intensity of the experience, or that I might not experience it at all, so when I felt it start to kick in I thought I should see how strong the experience was going to be before trying to go farther.

So I leaned back and closed my eyes, and saw bright kaleidescopic images. That was about the extent of it, though. The visuals were intense, but not that interesting. Throughout the experience I felt a little nervous and uncomfortable, but this was very mild. I tried to smile, thinking it would make me feel better, but smiling felt unfamiliar and unnatural. Still, the uncomfortable feeling was very mild and didn't really concern me much. I was aware that it would be over very quickly. After what felt like 2-3 minutes, the visuals were fading and I opened my eyes. For the next several minutes, the blankets were moving in waves, and I felt pleasantly relaxed. Overall, I'd call it a "neutral" experience; it was neither positive nor negative, but at least I had a vague idea of what it would be like. I could tell there was a lot more to this substance, though.

The next day, I ordered a scale. The following day, while waiting for the scale to arrive, I decided to finish what was left in the pipe. I was certain there wouldn't be too much left, and wanted to be sure that my first properly measured dose would be accurate. Again, probably not the smartest decision, but it worked out fine. Again I sat in bed with the covers over me and took the first hit. This time I tried to get everything in 1 hit, and I think I did a fair job of it. I held it in for at least 10 seconds (I counted) and felt it kicking in while I was still holding it. I exhaled and immediately tried to take a 2nd hit to get anything that might be left. I can't say if I got anything or not from that hit, but by the time I exhaled everything looked like I was looking through a sheet of plastic wrap, and I closed my eyes.

This was a decidedly positive experience, but I know there's more. Again, intense kaleidescopic patterns. The colors would change from dull pastels to bright "cartoon-like" colors (cartoons were exactly what it reminded me of). There were subtle images of faces at times. Stronger than the visuals, though, was the feeling that I had some type of deeper understanding right at my fingertips, but I couldn't quite grasp it. It wasn't frustrating that I couldn't quite "get it." It was more comforting, knowing that the knowledge was there and that I was so close to reaching it. I'm not even sure what "it" was, but I feel like it's still there for me to discover. The feeling happened a few times. It was like I was coming out of the experience in steps. I'd get close to the knowledge I was grasping at, then it would slip away and I was one step closer to "normal." Then it happened again, and another step. I'd say I felt this maybe 3 times, each time a little bit less intense than the previous. Finally I opened my eyes and again watched the blankets making waves. This time I felt more than just pleasant, I felt happy and excited to try this again. I could really feel that there was something more to gain.

So now I have a scale and I'm preparing for the next attempt. I have not taken my meds since Wednesday (it's Saturday today); not long enough for withdrawals, but hopefully enough that I can get the full experience. I plan to try again this evening or tomorrow.

Now that I have a scale and a couple very light experiences, what would be a reasonable dose? I am thinking of starting with 30 mg. I know that's probably not going to get me to "break through" and I'm ok with that, although I wouldn't mind if it did happen. Does this sound like a good plan? Should I go higher/lower? Any other advice you can offer?

I don't have any experience with mixing SSRI's with DMT so I will let someone else comment on those aspects of your questions...

However, I have easily had breakthrough experiences with DMT on 30 mg.

From my observations, it seems that it has more to do with vaping & inhaling/holding/exhaling techniques than it does with dosage to a certain extent (I can't say that I've ever broken through with less than say, 25 mg.).

You will need to practice and try slightly different techniques each time you try it if you don't achieve the results that your are looking for.

For me, with as little as 30 mg, if I can manage to vaporize it all in one or two tokes (or three if I can't manage), hold each toke for at least 10 seconds or more and immediately after exhale, vaporize another big toke, usually after the second (or sometimes third) toke/hold/exhale I am well on my way to hyperspace. I've observed that this has to be done within a rather narrow time-frame of say, a minute or less for a dose in the range of 25-30 mg to really be a strong trip (if that's what your aim is).

You may just want to start with say, 15-20 mg. & practice your vaping technique with the smaller doses first, if only so you don't waste good Spice. IMO this is only necessary if you are new to vaping substances vs. just smoking them.

My first time with the Spice ever, I was already very familiar with vaporizing various extracts of Cannabis and I had already done a lot of research regarding inhaling/holding/exhaling techniques and time-frame requirements, so when I utilized my most careful vaping technique with 30 mg, I was in hyperspace within perhaps 15-30 seconds after I exhaled my third toke.

Best of luck & the safest of travels
Thanks for the reply. Just finished 33 mg. I have to say, this was the least impressive of my 3 attempts. I never felt the urge to close my eyes, and only experienced the waviness that was common at the end of my first 2 tries. I'm definitely not completely back to normal yet, so my thoughts are sort of scattered, but this was a very light experience, so I'll try again tomorrow.

There was a kind of strange feeling, though, kind of like the DMT was telling me, "just letting you know I'm here, but you're not quite ready." I'll see how I feel tomorrow. If I'm not 100% confident, I'll postpone for another time.
rovingcat said:
"just letting you know I'm here, but you're not quite ready."

This sounds important, it might not mean sleep on it come back tomorrow.

If you are feeling confident then a little meditation or some kind of relaxation technique before blast off would be a good help. If you've never meditated before the headspace app is good way for beginners to relax.

Another thing people talk about is intention. For beginners like myself a good intention/frame of mind is to surrender and let it take you where it wants.

If you choose to wait DMT will always be here waiting for you.

Goodluck with whichever way you choose
I like your approach! Don't rush into it. Take your time. When you are ready, you will inhale deeply and ingest the amount you need to get 'there'. Sometimes a third or fourth hit is needed depending on ROA. Be patient with it and go when you are comfortable and relaxed. Remember that you chose to embark on the journey. Courage is needed. Everything will be ok!

Please be careful with your meds! I hope someone who is more familiar with SSRI's will chime in and provide some information on this.

Take care!


Light doses are like having one foot here and one foot there. It can feel uncomfortable at times. Once 'there' you will likely feel much less uncomfortable. It may even seem familiar!
One other thing to take into consideration is the potency and purity.

I'll reiterate others' concerns about the SSRI too. They block the way the brain handles serotonin allowing it to build up. Possible side effects of a SSRI is serotonin syndrome.

The way I'm looking at it is, you are flooding the brain with a drug that is trying to act on blocked serotonin receptors and have a build up of natural serotonin. You are essentially trying to overfill or put more pressure behind the dam. This is a definite no-no and I would refrain from using DMT.
So I still haven't tried again. I ended up feeling a little "off" that Sunday and went back on the meds which took care of it. Still planning to try again though.

As far as SSRI's and DMT, I've done quite a bit of searching and reading online. Unfortunately I have only found a few actual experiences, but the ones I've found all agreed that SSRI's reduce the effectiveness of psychedelics. This probably explains why I've only really experienced mild effects. Serotonin syndrome does not appear to be a major concern from what I've read, but I might try tapering off slowly before I try again just to be safe. I know definitely not to combine MAOI's with SSRI's, so no consuming orally.

I agree with DmnStr8's comment that light doses can feel uncomfortable. That was definitely true of the first experience. The second one I really enjoyed, and the third wasn't bad but it was frustrating to have such a mild effect. Daft Monkey, I have been using Headspace for a long time, and did meditate before the 2nd and 3rd attempts. I do think it helps my mindset going in.

I appreciate all the advice so far, and any that anyone adds in the future. I'll be sure to update when I do try again.
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