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First experimentation with DMT

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Pebble on the Beach

C r a c k B l i p T o o t T o o t ! ! !
So, SWIM came by the other day and he had this story.

He had just completed his first extraction some days ago, there's a thread up here somewhere about that. So he ended up with some small off-white crystals, and since he doesn't own a milligram scale yet and had this burning curiosity, he decided to go ahead anyway using a little caution.

Swim had his final product weighed at this place he knew, unfortunately on a scale with .00 precision but he did have a rough estimate what dosage would look like.

He closed the thick red curtains of his bedroom, wich made for a womb like setting with the light filterd through the red curtains, layed out his smoking gear and did some meditation, focusing on his breath for about 15 minutes.

Starting out with what could hardly be called a pinch, more a few specks, he used his old trusted hash pipe and a bed of ashes to partake in what is the main reason this little niche exists on the web.

Speks: no effect, but liking the taste. The harshness is doable.

Doubled the specks: same here

He took a butterknife knifepoint, just enough to cover the first millimetre of the blade and smoked that. An enjoyable bodyload spreads through the body up to his head. The sheets on the bed get a moving sensation and morph just a weeny tad. The headload (for lack of a better word) intensifies and SWIM feels a need to close his eyes to see some faint CEV, moving tentacle like tubes wich are embossed with a geometric pattern. Blue and red colours dominate, but maybe that's afterthought he says. He opens his eyes and the bedroom is still there but with a strange feel to it. Back to closing eyes, to the tentacle like structure.

Then the point came where it all faded away and eyes were opened and an almost corny feeling lingered. A smile was on his face, he dipped his first toe in the water and it didn't get bit off.

A very strange chord is strung inside SWIM, but he thinks he likes it. deeper is the way to go.
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