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First extraction and bioassay

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I'm ecstatic about all this. My extraction went without a hitch, I got a bunch of fluffy happy crystals that smell strongly of jasmine and nothing else. Thank you CYB for making the foolproof tek and thank you everyone who helped me in the chat with silly noob questions!! Mostly Ulim!

Last night I loaded up 22 mg into my smooth Vapor Genie and sailed away so smoothly into this strange place... the colours were neon and electric - I saw a pulsating gorgeous 3D celtic knotwork entanglement covered in constantly re-forming sacred script, and was then met with three extremely playful beings who showed themselves to me as made of the same changing script. The whole atmosphere was joyful, playful, feminine, and all too brief. There were also some melting clocks in there. My sole intention with the trip was to honour beauty - I couldn't think of anything else.

Amazing how different this was from my previous experiences - they were also great but such a different aesthetic. I will need to get used to the vape. Next step is to include harmala alkaloids. But for now, I am so so happy to have been able to do this in my home and have this gateway to mystery sitting in a jar. Thank you nexus!!!!
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