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First extraction- Freezing


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Good afternoon everyone. I have a simple question. Is there any reason I can’t combine multiple pulls in the dish over the course of a day then freeze it all at once?

Thanks I’m advance for any tips.
hi ! i also did my first extraction yesterday, and i had exactly the same question. i used 50gr bark so i used 50ml Naptha / round. i put them together in one combination jar instead different shot glasses. the answer in the chat was "if tomorrow no crystals have appeared, you should let evaporate a bit of the naphta, then the precip works better." in my case it worked, - combined 3 rounds in 1 glass so 150ml around.. here is the result:


260mg. still on it. so possible, that there are coming some more in the near future...
Wow man looking good, nice job. I started with about 280g bark. So far I harvested one pull and got .42 grams. (Which doesn’t seem great) But it looks just like yours. 2nd and 3rd pull are combined and freezing right now. ✌🏼
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