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First extraction questions


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I will be doing an extraction soon and as a newbie I have a lot of questions. Could you please review my extraction process and suggest some improvements?
  • 2,74 Litre jar
  • 2,54
  • 250 grams of MHRB
  • 200 ml Wundbenzin 40/65 (non-polar solvent)
  • as much NaOH as needed to get to a pH of 13-14
  • Coffee grinder
  • Coffee filter
  • large pipette
  • Salt?
  • some acid to neutralize
The steps:
  1. grind MHRB in coffee grinder
  2. fill the jar with tap water
  3. add NaOH to the water while stirring it (measure pH and add more if needed)
  4. put the ground MHRB powder in
  5. shake the solution for some time
  6. leave it for an hour
  7. warm up the Wundbenzin 40/65 with a DIY water bath - is that dangerous or manageable
  8. before adding the Wundbenzin add salt to avoid emulsions - does that make sense to do it at this point of time
  9. fill the jar to the brim, warm but not boiling Wundbenzin
  10. now turn it a lot of times
  11. wait for the layers to separate
  12. take the Wundbenzin out of the jar using the pipette and put it in some glass container that is sealable in the freezer
  13. after a day, take the container out and pour it through a coffee filter
  14. scrape the crystals off
  15. repeat a couple of times from step 7
  16. neutralize the solution using HCl or vinegar
As I have commented throughout the recipe, I have a few concerns, like having bad ratios of the ingredients, having problems with emulsions due to air bubbles from the jar not being that perfect, not using the solvent that everyone recommends (Naphtha) even though I heard that what I am using is way better, and I have no idea how many times I can make pulls from one solution.
Thanks in advance for answers.
How did it go? Did you get good results? You dont need to use salt before, it´s only used if you get emulsions. And why would you need to neutralize the solution? what solution are you talking about in step 16?
Why are you not following an established tek? The tek you have cobbled together offers nothing new and is full of uncertainty. If you just have a creative mind then wait until you have experience of the teks that have proven their worth over time, then you will know what suits you and knowledge to help modify it to suit your circumstances.
I would decant over using a filter. And evaporate the solvent.

Emulsion is better solved with adding more lye imo. Just don't go overboard to the point it turns into a gelatin mess.

Nothing wrong with STB but maybe split the material and do a A/B extraction too and see which works better for you.

You won't need to neutralise it when you are finished you can just dispose of it as you normally would.
Using an established tek, even if slightly modified, is a helpful set of training wheels. I used Noman's Tek for my first extraction, and in doing so, found ways to practically improve that tek for my own preferences and chosen materials. If STB is the style of extraction you want to explore at this time, I would encourage you to try that tek first, before trying to draft your own. Having a concrete understanding, through both reading and practical application, you will be able to answer many of your own uncertainties.

If you choose to use salt (I do), be certain it is 100% sodium chloride. I would add it before adding your lye, as it is rocky and will almost definitely make little splashes as you add it to your solution. Better to have distilled water splashing around than basified soup.

A few of your uncertainties address safety concerns. I strongly encourage you to keep reading and deepen your understanding of safe extraction procedures before beginning an actual extraction.

I would check out the FAQ, as well as the health and safety page.

Safe travels,
Offering you a somewhat belated welcome, @Wertz if I haven't done so already!

Looks like a reasonable interpretation of STB salt teks like Cyb's to me. It's amusing to see among the responses a direct contradiction of what I usually say about understanding the general principles of extraction rather than blindly following teks. This shows that both viewpoints likely have some value.

It's very helpful to have the intended course of action laid out methodically like this, as opposed to someone saying (e.g.) "hey bro amma gunna do the toxic cabbage bed pan tek," (or whatever) and I'm left wondering what the hell they're talking about.

Just a couple of points (if you're yet to do the extraction) - dissolve the salt before adding lye since it will dissolve more readily that way round. And, Waschbenzin has a higher BP than your suggested Wundbenzin so you may find it easier to work with that.

Hope goes/went well for you!
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