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First Formosahuasca experience

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(mind)Set: Clear. Excited. Nervous
(physical condition) Set: Pretty good. Fasted the whole day
Setting (location): Friends basement
time of day: 5pm
recent drug use: Nothing that day, although I am an avid marijuana smoker
last meal: I had a small bit of trail mix

Gender: Male
body weight: ~65kg
known sensitivities: N/A
history of use: First time with this form. Ive smoked DMT and have done plenty of LSD


Substance(s): ACRB , Syrian Rue
Dose(s): ~3-5g ACRB , 2g Syrian Rue
Method of administration: Brew (Both)


Administration time: T=0:00 for rue T=0:15 for bark
Duration: ~6 hours including come down. Still felt spacious today.
First effects: A drunken feeling. Intense clarity. Divine presencd
Peak: T=2:00, extremely intense
Come down: T=3:00
Baseline: T=6:00

Intensity (overall): 4
Evaluation / notes: Peak was obvious, and it hit me like a fucking wall.

Pleasantness: 4
Implesantness: 3
Visual Intensity: 3.8


Hangover: 4; Extremely pleasant. A lot of clarity and sedation. Lasted until about 12PM next day.
Afterglow: 4; Very enlightening


Im going to try my best to explain it, but no words do it any justice whatsoever.

I had a 10g bark brew, and a ~4g rue brew (more like 3.7-3.9ish). Me and X decided to dip our toes in it a little bit yesterday. At about 5pm we split the rue tea and drank it all. It was so bitter and tasted really odd. It smelt heavily of peanut butter though. Very very bitter. But with a chaser it was bearable. (Btw i had fasted the entire day)
Then about 15-20 minutes later when we started feeling the rue, we each poured 2 half-full wine glasses worth. There was still so much left of that brew, we hardly touched it dude.

That kinda tasted like dirt water mixed with a hint of chemical. The scent tho was very very strong of deems. I was sipping on it, taking a few gulps at a time. I ended up not even finishing my half glass. XX drank all of his tho.

About 30min later, the nausea hit me like a brick. I instantly knew when it was about to come up. Purging though, it felt sooo good.

It felt like all the toxins and negative energies were just being evacuated from my body. I instantly felt better. I started getting very spacious and felt a lot of clarity. We went down stairs and ohhhh boy. It started kicking in. Everything started to blend together, and I felt an extremely divine presence. When I closed my eyes I was met with very vivid CEV's. I saw a woman, just her arms, legs, and head. Her torso was blinded by a bright light. She had 4 arms, and was telling me its time, and i'm ready to let go.

The body high at this point was something ive never experienced on any dose of lucy. I couldnt feel it at all. I felt like my body was completely irrelevant and just a shell. My thoughts were completely seperate from myself. Kinda like it was a physical thing.

This divine woman grabbed my hand and took me on this intense journey through the life cycle.

I saw the statue of liberty rise out of nothing, and then it exploded into a star shape. This star shape started to

turn into water, and came out of a shower head. A woman was washing her hair with it and I followed it into the drain and into the pipe system. That pipe system turned into a human body giving birth, and then just went on and on until death.

I saw infinite green mayan arms hugging me and telling me I will be okay.

Then near the peak, I saw all my negative energy and just the source of all these bad thoughts turn into a sphere. I zoomed out and a giant entity, bigger than the earth, smashed it. It had 4 main arms, and 1000 arms all coming out of its back moving back and forth. Kinda like those buddhist statues where they have multiple arms coming from them, but instead it was a loooot.

I sensed "her" presence so much, and it felt so real and intense. I watched X's walls take ginormous breaths, and everything came to me at once. All my problems and worries were so miniscule compared to the universe and whats going on beyond our comprehension.

3 hours later i started to come down, feeling incredibly spacious and glad to be back in this reality. I had to calm myself down a few times by talking to X, because it was so intense, and mother aya told me "there is an intruder". I felt like an evil spirit or entity had found me, and was trying to break me and her from communication. But I closed my eyes and asked her to help me. I threw up again and instantly that pressure and fear left with it. Completely came down to "baseline" about 5 hours from start to finish. I still however still feel kinda spacious and definitely enlightened. It is for sure medicine and not a recreational drug to do just to get high. It was an amazing experience.
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