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First intro + Unexplained trip!?

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So last night and yesterday I was having a not so good day, and as a result took 2 Valerian 420mg tabs and a coffee, and throughout the day smoked little bits of Kanna 50x with Tobacco, later on had a chicken sandwich with a good 1/4 TSP of black pepper crushed, then sprinkled 2 TSP of Tikka Masala into it, I ate that and then had some more Kanna.

After the sun set I had another coffee and some more Kanna + Tobacco, followed by another chicken sandwich containing the same spices but higher quentities of Black Pepper, 1/2 TSP.

As the night came I started to eat some breakfast bites I had made, used copious amounts of synthetic Vanilla extract during the baking of them, ate about 4 pieces, this started repeating on me with a very odd smell, then I smoked a bit of Cannabis Sativa (very low indica strain maybe 20:80) and started to experience euphoria, extreme euphoria that grew in intensity for about 3 hours, within the first 30 minutes of this I got a warning on my phone that there was a servere forest fire risk in the area, then M told me there was an orange glow above the hill.. my adrenaline shot through the roof, my euphoria was still building and getting out of normal levels, I was coming up for sure, then after looking for fire through binoculars I started to have flashbacks to the fire that destroyed my caravan and house last year, and then the trippy headspace started to become more than obvious, tracers and colour enhancement...

I had to leave the house as lights became too bright and the music too intense!

For about 3 hours I was honestly balls to the walls, tripping and coming up hard as ever, my heart rate was 150 (I have an oximeter for testing) and using that was a bad idea as I got super paranoid about my heart, then after trying to calm myself in the bathroom in the dark it dropped to 60BPM and I felt numbness in my fingers and walking became really tricky, there was a fire over the hill just out of view, so the paranoia was not unfounded.

I ended up coming down about 5 in the morning, and got to sleep finally and my dream was super lucid and very memoravle, but a bit too personal to write here sadly.

Today I definitely feel an afterglow on par with some Acid trips I've had before... I don't know what caused this but my analogy was that the Cannabis I smoked basically set fire to the pile of herbs and spices I ate that day and the Adrenaline of the fire scare must have released or caused a chemical reaction that stopped it being broken down, I dabble with Harmalas on and off but not recently, but I've never felt such euphoric speedy trippiness like that before, I hope not to again..

Hope someone enjoys the read, haha..

Never again.
Haha, not likely, Black pepper is so good!

No, my blatant disregard for what combinations of herbs can do!

It was too much, I totally freaked out because I was tripping and I know something must have been metabolized into an active form.

I am a seasoned smoker of the green and can usually handle paranoia and panic attacks, this was something else.
a good 1/4 TSP of black pepper crushed, then sprinkled 2 TSP of Tikka Masala
That combination alone is sufficient to cause noticeable effects in susceptible individuals. Add to that the coffee, kanna, and cannabis - along with the stress of a nearby wildfire - and it's no surprise that you experienced those intense effects.

something must have been metabolized into an active form
That's very likely at least a good part of the picture. There are some threads here about "Space Paste" (etc.) which might help you to understand what happens with combinations of spices and human metabolism.
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