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First post,first taste....

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Greetings all,:d
After lurking/researching at the Nexus for a while now,i've decided to join in the fun.

I'm fairly experienced in a few substances - the usual crowd,with a preference for psychedelics.
I've been casually researching DMT for over ten years.Reading Strassman,Shulgin,Erowid and loads of trip reports.

Last year i was able(after some heavy persuasion/arse-kissing) to purchase two 'hits' of DMT.
Unfortunately,the friend who the second 'hit' was for,decided in a drunken stupor to smoke his and at the same time gave my hit to another mutual friend - i've not been that pissed-off for a while! Look after yer own gear peeps!

Anyway,after not coming across any more for sale,i sorta forgot about it.
That is until i recently found this site and realised that an MHRB extract was well within my means.
I've not long completed my first extraction - a simple STB using Swan lighter fluid(i know,i know...:oops: )
Must have some crappy bark though(from ebay...again,i know...)yields don't look too hot to be honest - pretty sure i nailed the tek....never mind,some crystals have been obtained!

Monday afternoon,i drew my curtains and loaded up my bowl with some ash and a tiny pinch of crystal.
I pre-melted the DMT into the ash and covered with a sprinkle of bud.
After a few moments of 'talking myself into it',i lit the flame and started pulling the bottle up to capture the smoke(i smoke a 'bucket'/gravity bong - thought it would be best to get the whole hit in one go).

I downed it rapidly,inhaling deep,lay back on my bed and noticed the effects starting before i'd even exhaled.
I exhaled quickly in the fear i'd had a massive amount(should've held on in retrospect) and at that moment i saw the 'veil' in it's full liquid persian glory.
I remained fully conscious,ego intact,but knocked on my arse by the sheer immediacy of the hit.

As i realised i wasn't going to 'break-through' i settled into the beautiful visuals and just tried to 'soak it all in'.
At one point,i felt the sensation/had the thought(?) of female thighs! I became quite aroused and a feeling of 'sexy' warmth enveloped my body,emanating from the ahem...groin area.:?

Before i came out of it,i remember 'thanking' my mind for giving me such a gentle introduction to the DMT world.
I was pretty sleepy after the experience,and after waking from my little catnap i promptly forgot most of the trip!

I still have some crystals left to experiment with,hoping to have a breakthrough dose tonight - if i can psych myself up for it!

Thanks for reading,sorry it drags on a bit but y'know how it goes......
welcome :)

sounds indeed like a nice intro to the dmt realm. its funny how indeed this sensual energy seems to come up for quite a lot of people. One member of the forum even mentioned his gf was jealous of his hyperspace lovers haha :D

you'll see it can only get better/weirder :D
welcome to the fold....the spirit molecule has said hello and stretched out it's hand to guide you...next time, feel free to reach out and let yourself be taken away.....intention is all you need. surrender with every cell and meet all with love. you will be MORE than taken care of :)

...then post up a report! SWIM LOVES hearing stories of first-time breakthroughs! imagine if a baby could talk right after being born....that's not too far off! :)

love and gratitude!
glad you had a good time with the sexy elf fluid lady person who we all know and love; but just a pointer,
because it bugs me when I see people doing this.. please don't smoke ash, a little pile of rolled up tinfoil balls work very well indeed
and can be reused over and over.
p.s I forgot to say, thankyou verymuch for the report. Look forward to hearing of your next adventure!
Jurema greetings :D

noes goes the tinfoil, plz!
Jorkest said:
and smoking tin foil is better for you?! aluminum foil is not the best smoking medium..

Since the bp of aluminium is 2467*C, I gather it *isnt* being vaporized and inhaled...
so for our purposes its inert. definately more so than ash.

but the main motivating factor for me here is more that it seems like it'll contaminate the experience...
and one should always trust one's feelings.
shoe said:
glad you had a good time with the sexy elf fluid lady person who we all know and love; but just a pointer,
because it bugs me when I see people doing this.. please don't smoke ash, a little pile of rolled up tinfoil balls work very well indeed
and can be reused over and over.

Yeah - fluid lady person - that was her!

I can't see the problem with using ash - you're not actually smoking it because there is no combustible material left surely??
I must point out here - i'm no scientist.

Alu foil gives off fumes and has a weird taste when smoked.
When i was younger,what we used to do when we ran out of weed was to scrape all the gunk out of our hashpipes and smear it on bits of foil,rolled up into little 'tootballs' (as we called 'em) and smoked in the pipe again(pretty horrible huh?).

We found it tasted (slightly) better to just drip the gunk onto some ash/bud twigs.
Smoking foil always felt kinda 'wrong' to me - i know,as if smoking scraped-pipe-tar-gunk wasn't 'wrong' enough already!

The ash used is from cannabis bud - i sprinkle a little fresh bud on top to protect the crystals - so i'm not getting anything extra in terms of chemicals by 'smoking' ash(am i?).
It just keeps the volume of smoke down(a bud/crystal/bud sandwich would be too much smoke i think) and stops the crystals from igniting - or at least that was my thought process.

I could just put another steel gauze in my bowl and melt the Deem into that first i s'pose?
I'm fairly happy with the ash method though,unless there's a really good reason not to.
As for 'contaminating' the experience,well i'm not experienced enough to know so i can't really say.

Thanks for all the replies!:d
yes ash is perfectly fine, the point is exactly that there are no more combustible materials so it wont affect the experience at all.. Its SWIM's preffered way, and he already tried many different ways.
I had another taste last night.

Pretty sure i put a bit more in the bowl,but i had a near identical trip to the first.
I was able to remember it a little better this time and also recall some forgotten elements of the first trip.

A few seconds after the visuals started,i noticed what seemed like the face of a pierrot/harlequin type character just behind the veil - i only caught a fleeting glimpse of his/her bald lightbulbesque head,but it pursed it's tiny painted lips and 'cooed' at me in a 'welcome back - prepare to be soothed' sort of way - parental almost.
I had seen the same face(in the same 'place')on my first trip,but failed to remember it.

I was then back in the 3D hall of mirrors that i also failed to remember last time,the colours reminded me of the thick,stretched clown/circus inspired glass ornaments my aunt used to have - really 70's style cheapo stuff,mostly stretched out thick clear glass with opaque blobs of primary colours trapped inside the glass - i didn't actually see any clowns though - just neon geometry repeating into infinity.

Again i got the sexual energy buzz.
As the visuals were fading from 3D into the more overlayed 2D mosque dome patterns - my body became totally warm and content,i was so cosy and blissed-out.
It was like when you wake up and realise it's your day off work - pure joy!

It was similar to mushrooms towards the end - i was doing that yawning/eyes watering thing i do on mushies and i had a little giggling fit,but i can't recall the thought that set me off.

No ego-loss/breakthrough/blast-off as i'd planned(must have sub-consciously underdosed myself out of fear) but another beautifully awesome experience in the pre-flight lounge.

At least i was able to make a rough 'graph paper' eyeballed measurement this time,so i'll be able to dose-up for my next journey.

Thanks for reading.
Hey Darkbb...A FOAF broke through by accident one night recently. She was smoking to maintain the visuals. Was at about the sixth or seventh hit(~15mg per) and WHAM! She wasn't even trying and had her first breakthrough. Do you or anyone else have related experiences? If this is what you meant, Darkbb, please expound.

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