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First psychedelic trip: Where did all the time go?

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Rising Star
(mind)Set: Not nervous, not overly confident. Felt ready for the experience with the day off.
(physical condition) Set: Well rested after a good night’s sleep.
Setting (location): At home.
time of day: 0900 - Nice bright day outside
recent drug use: None
last meal: Cereal, orange juice and yoghurt at time of ingestion

Gender: M
body weight: 80kg
known sensitivities: None
history of use: No previous psychedelic substance use.


Substance(s): San Pedro Resin
Dose(s): 30.8g resin from 50g dried San Pedro
Method of administration: Resin balls eaten with yoghurt over four hour period


Administration time: T=0:00-04:00
Duration: 12-14 hours
First effects:
Peak: T=+07:00-08:00
Come down:T=+11:00

Intensity (overall): 3 out of 4 (however no previous experience to compare with)
Evaluation / notes:

Pleasantness: 1 out of 4
Implesantness: 2 out of 4
Visual Intensity: 2 out of 4


Hangover: 2 out of 4 - feeling sad to neutral the whole next day
Afterglow: 0 out of 4 - no afterglow at all


Where Did All The Time Go?

I woke up with the intention of undertaking my first psychedelic experience with San Pedro resin, feeling quite positive and trusting in what may come based on my research on mescaline. I had a granola berry cereal with soya, orange juice and yoghurt. T=0:00 refers to the first dosage of resin, however the dosing was spread out over a four hour period.

At first I tried to just knock back the resin balls with a drink of orange/water but it was taking a long time. So I tried putting the resin balls in my yoghurt and it worked a treat. I was able to eat the resin about 4 times faster with no bad taste and no gagging.

Having finished the first 6g, I went to bed to lie with my girlfriend and our pups.

Had a shower but there was nothing too noticeable however I did recall the shaving gel bottle and hair gel tub appeared quite vividly coloured.

Took second 7g dose in blueberry yoghurt.

Played a Brian Eno - An Ascent on the computer and it sounded very nice, making me slightly emotional.

Started third dose of 5g and went to lie down again on the bed

Started fourth dose of 7g and on completing felt some digestive movements and slight naseau (found it hard to spell naseau). Now noticing some effects in the progressive house music I’m listening to, almost like a digital background track making itself present intermittently. After this I looked out the window at a bush and had a thought of it as a small stout man who might sneeze at any moment, shaking some leaves off and exusing itself in a manner not unlike something one would see in a Harry Potter film. I found this quite funny.

Feeling quite cold, but a cup of tea helped warm me up. I think I might be drinking a lot of tea today. Still have 7g left but my stomach is feely uneasy so I don’t want to push it.

Last batch finished, a bit of laughter coming on, but nothing much.

Went outside to let the pups out. Vision was off-normal, almost as if looking through just one eye. Still feeling cold. Went back into the house again and feeling quite a build up of excess energy and tension under the armpits and inner shoulders and around the heart which I have to do an ‘internal squeeze’ in an attempt to release the tension. I do these squeezes in situations where I’m a bit stressed, for example when about to take off on an airplane.

Build up of tension in joints and now feel that I really need to do some exercise - going to do some yoga.

Listening to You Don’t Have A Clue by Royksopp in my bedroom from the computer in the living room and it sounds like someone keeps lowering the pitch of the song. Pretty cold now.

Definite noticeable effects now. The top of the content of the computer screen is vibrating horizontally and there is a slight body warm (thank god). Some trails when I move my arms up and down. Now when I close my eyes, I can now make out a feint image of triangular metal trussing. This was similar in style to when one looks out a bright window then they close their eyes and still sees the negative of the image on a black background. This was met initially with some fear but I try to rationalise my thoughts and realise that this is just a drug and not a high dose and that I should be able to work with this alongside normal activities. I know the experience is starting to set in and I am in for hours of this - up until this point it hadn’t really sunk in.

Where do I start?
Quite a bit happened in the 2 hrs 30 mins previous to this, but I was so involved in it that I didn’t feel up to updating the log. I was sitting on the toilet (I was always at the toilet this day) looking down at the plain neutral tiles. The slightly dark point marks on the tiles suddenly darkened and enlarged adn then and lilac Mandlebrot fractal patterns emerged from them while the whole tile changed to a violet hue. I called my girlfriend and told her to grab my phone. I brought the camera app up on my phone and filmed the tile patterns and THE PATTERNS APPEARED ON THE SCREEEN ON MY PHONE as if it was actually happening and I was so glad to have proof! Needless to say my girlfriend couldn’t see the patterns and the video when played back sober didn’t show any patterns. It would be interesting to look back at that video in future to see if the patterns reappeared.

ONLY ELEVEN MINUTES HAVE PASSED!!!?!? That felt like 2 hours... where did all the time go? I actually did things in those 2 hours, like take the dogs outside and listen to songs. However, time goes at normal speed when you look at the clock. The wooden door grain is now morphing and moving, and my girlfriend’s leapord print cardigan is doing the same. The spots are moving and changing size.

Time is back to normal rate again, however as soon as it does, it feels like an hour passes in the next 15 minutes. I am doing a lot of walking around, I’m very restless. As I lie on the sofa with my eyes closed, I feel like the sofa is moving to the left and the room is moving to the right which reminds my of a log raft moving slowly down a river. There is a heaviness and drowsiness throughout the trip.

I take a shower to freshen up but it’s too intense and claustrophobic so I get out after a few minutes. My tactile sensations are strange and my ears feel fake like cardboard. I am stuck in loops of going to the toilet, lieing down, getting up to walk about, talking to the pups, looking at the clock every 5 minutes.

Picked up the guitar to play along to Benny and the Jets by Elton John. At the start of the song there is an audience cheer and as my head swang like a metronome autonomously the audience felt more real than a sound recording and I could have believed I was in the concert if I had a higher dose I believe. The song seemed to repeat for an indeterminate long amount of time on the part where Elton sings ‘Benny.... Benny...’ in an uncomfortable distorted scream.
Room feels very warm to girlfriend, but I have tshirt and fleece on and just feel comfortable. We went out on our bikes around the block and my girlfriend got a good headstart so I was always chasing her - she was always just at the end of the road turning a corner and I found it hard to catch up on her even though I was peddling my hardest. I almost wondered if I was imaging she was out on her bike at all and perhaps I was out on my own. I start to feel more normal as I arrive home 10 minutes later.

I sit up as long as I can to try and get the effects to wear off before I go to bed watching stand up comedy and then I go to bed

After waking up the next day I feel sad for a while and then neutral and vacant the rest of the day. Really not my normal self until the next morning.

On reflection

During the trip at several stages I had feelings of neglect towards my girlfriend because I was taking up her weekend and couldn’t really be a normal person with her and just asked her to understand I would be like this today and I’d make it up to her. I felt so much desire to make it up to her.

The time dilation was extraordinary. The ten minutes of real time that felt like two hours just blew me away. In fact I was scared of looking at the clock after this and realising I’d went back in time. My thoughts on how this works is that I was recalling a lot of memories of mundane tasks from earlier in the day quite a lot in those ten minutes, making me think that the time was filled with performing these actual tasks.

Although it felt like time was taking forever to pass, when writing my log at the time I was thinking “Wow, it’s been 10 hours now” and all that time has passed doing nothing. So paradoxically, time actually seems slow and fast from my own different points of view. Time, and my perception of it, is extremely interesting.

On reflection, I believe the moral of the story is not to waste time and not to waste your life - live it to the absolute full. I wonder if decades down the line, I’ll realise I’m 65 and think to myself “Where did all the time go?”
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