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First psychoactive experience today. Truffles felt like probes. Your thoughts?

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Hi there,

I would like to share with you my first experience with mind altering substances, from today. I will be forever grateful if you help me understand better. Sorry for poor English.


I woke up early today and ate around 25 grams of truffles psilocybe atlantis. Recommended dose is 16 grams. I had no prior experience with psychoactive sources, only meditation.

I was lying in my bed, deliberately thinking about nice things (family, friendships, traveling). After 50 minutes I started to feel a little nauseous, as if a different specimen entered my body and decided to take control. Here are some observations:

*Beautiful forms. Everything is geometric, characterized with regular lines and shapes. The form is not only visual. When we speak, we are creating geometric patterns too. Showing no fear is an expression of excellent form. It appeared to me that perfection is rewarded immensely. People recognize on some intuitive level truly beautiful forms and deeply respect their creators. Strangely, people did not seem to regard highly those who are not able to produce perfect forms. Realizing how ruthless people are made me very scared.

*I felt extremely lightweight. My feet started to absorb energy.

*At some point, I started having a dialogue with a much more intelligent form. It felt that truffle is a probe, a method of experiencing this world. For some reason I did not want to share the Earth experience. It did not feel right. They were intruders and did not belong here. I ended up in some sort of mind loop, trying to find out what is right and wrong. I was frightened and felt this can end up very badly. I thought I will never do this again but did not want to make my intentions clear. It felt as if I can restrict some areas of my mind but they were putting a lot of pressure on me. I was resisting.
They are lizard-like creatures and have answer to any question one may ask. They wanted to go through complete database of my experience. I allowed them to access only the small part of current life. I did not want them to see beyond. Especially my childhood memories seemed sacred, pure and clean.
Feeling great fear, I kept reminding myself that I wanted to understand our purpose here and help myself become a better human. That is why I ate truffles. After some mental struggle, I concluded that we were created by them. They do not seem to have any emotions, yet our Earth experience gives them pleasure. It is purely noetical. They only want to understand this dimension better and we are helping them - living here and collecting the knowledge. They are interested only in the facts about this surface. It was all very mechanical, not pleasant.

*Luckily, things got a little better. I was then thinking that we are animals, meat forms that carry some energy. Our goal is to reproduce and keep the energy in this dimension. It is of importance to find a partner and have offspring. Everyone is aware of this and everyone observes energy of others. We do not want to stop living here, hence we have to reproduce. We want to merge with strong energies, to increase the likelihood of survival. Very Darwinian.

*Every activity in this dimension is enjoyable. It does not matter what you do or how much money you have. We are happy to be here and frightened to consider we would have to leave.


I wonder how much of it is result of my research on psychedelics.

I am very interested in your opinion. Thank you.
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