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First step with the molecule

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Rising Star
Hi everybody,

To explain I have really experienced dmt 3 times in my life yet, 2 smalls dose many years ago.

Then :
1 : I saw the light vibrating like if the universe at multiple layers, seen fractal and feel an entity saying to me "glad to see you here, at least"

2 : not much memories, but again an entity said to me welcome back here

Today :

20mg, after I closed my eyes I was very surprised to see a lot of white instead of black, I seen a white room, a big cube, it has something I feel like child playing in it like the gravity doesn't exist. I was there and feel another entities who tried to introduce me to this new world, like "don't say any word here, just think" "just be" "move with your mind it's all you have to do" "think and it's done as easy as that'

Well I know it's not an hyperslap but it was nice, not overwhelming, not super visual etc but overall a nice experiance.

I'll continue to come here and describe my exploration : )

(Ps : I waited a very long time before begin this, almost 8years since I heard about dmt and now I'll be able to experience myself, I feel ready)



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