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First time, 50mg of Fumarate DMT

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Soon I will have 50mg of fumarate DMT. -- and I will not be having any more of it these days.

It will be my first time trying DMT, and I really want the "full experience", I've already had some spiritual-like trips with LSD, NBome and Weed, and I'm really okay with going to a psychdelic state of mind. That's why I am really seeking to get into the "breakthrough" level of the DMT trip.

So how would be the best method to take this 50mg of fumarate DMT?

I will also have some Syrian Rue extract soon (I'm planning to try making some Mimohuasca in the future), should I try taking the extract too with the fumarate DMT?

Hello and welcome to the Nexus!

Whatever you do, do not smoke the DMT while it is in fumarate form because it can be hazardous to your health. Convert it to freebase first and after that you should really only smoke about half of that (20-25mg perhaps less since it is your first time. It is always wise to start low and build your way up). DMT is unique in the way it rapidly dissolves reality and the ego when smoked. If this is truly a one time thing I would highly recommend infusing your freebase onto some leaf such as mullein. A lot of people who are new to the process often fail the first few times they try to vaporize. With enhanced leaf or changa you can put that right into a standard water bong and puff away with little to no fear of burning it (hence wasting it).

You could also eat it with around 200mg of Syrian Rue on an empty stomach. But you'll need to play around with dosages until you find what is right for you, particularly when it comes to the oral ROA. But since you only have a small amount it is hard to really say what you should do. It is up to you after all, these are just possibilities.

Anyway, good luck with whatever happens!

Thanks man.

Unfortunatelly, turning it to Freebase is not a option for me at the moment, as I don't have time, paraphernalia and knowledge to do all the chemistry stuff.

So I will most probably take it orally.

About the Syrian Rue extract, what differences it may cause in the trip? It will only make it stronger or it can affect the trip in other ways?
It is basically a different experience as the rue has a strong effect of its own. As for the DMT effects alone, they are in my opinion a bit less colorful and hectic. But then as rue is more stimulating than the ayahuasca vine, it can provide you with an experience that is closer to smoking the freebase if you keep rue dose at a minimum.

A little Rue and a DMT is more like a crystaline mushrooms on steroids without the "wobble wobble" if you know what i mean. Not so non-chalant LSD can be, not so "neutral" and def. a lot less stimulating.

More harmalas make the trip more visionary and you will "sense" more stuff and possibly be witnessing dim shadowy silhouettes which might turn into life-like scenes.

Converting 50mg to freebase is probably tough anyways as there would b at least some loss of product.

I hope you'll be able to make the best out of your 50mg but like tgfo said...do not smoke it

Good luck :thumb_up:

Oh, and most.def research your dose with oral dmt as there will be no turning back.
ah yes, I should have mentioned there is typically some loss of product when converting to freebase so it seems a bit impractical in this instance.

But yeah, as obliguhl mentioned, Syrian rue is psychedelic all by itself when you take enough. Think of syrian rue and DMT as being best friends, they are both genuine and special in their own way but when they come together, you get a unique blend of both attributes. They like to be together, and the rue is necessary to activate the DMT orally.

I would actually recommend experimenting with the rue on it's own first to get a feel for how that affects you (especially if you have enough to experiment with). Once you find a rue dosage that is comfortable for you, you can add the DMT which will take you to a whole new world of psychedelia.

I personally like to go higher on the harmalas (rue) so that less DMT is needed for a useful experience. But like I mentioned earlier, it is hard to determine anything because everyone reacts a bit differently to these substances.
The Grateful Ones advice is very sensible and i can only give this post a +1 from the bottom of my heart! :)

I also feel the harmala-DMT experience can be very profound in ways freebase dmt can't be. Apples and Oranges though. You will know someday, i'm sure of that. :)
Thanks The Grateful One and obliguhl. :)

Just one more thing, about the dose. Im thinking about swallowing all the 50mg as a single dose.

Do you guys think this will be enough to have the "breakthrough"?
If your body weight is over 175 lbs then I think 50 mg would be perfect to start out with but it may be a little strong. that's just my opinion. You can also capsule mimosa hostilis or acacia confusa powdered root bark and take it that way. Its cheap, easy and very effective.
ggbdel said:
Thanks The Grateful One and obliguhl. :)

Just one more thing, about the dose. Im thinking about swallowing all the 50mg as a single dose.

Do you guys think this will be enough to have the "breakthrough"?

Perhaps, perhaps not. :d

I say that because the oral route is strange at times, a bit unpredictable. 50mg is probably a good place to start though, IMHO.

But because of the chance that it could be quite strong, just be sure to be in a safe, comfortable place and if anyone is there with you, make sure you trust them 100%. Set and setting will absolutely have the most influence over how this experience turns out.

Good luck and godspeed!
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