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First time making changa. What would you do?

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This is my first time making changa. I have half a gram of acacia dmt that I would like to use up. I'm going to need a gram of dmt to make the amount of changa that I want and I'm not sure how I should go about it. If you was me would you make half the changa with mimosa dmt and the other with acacia or would you mix them together for a unique experience? Have any of you ever smoked/vaporize them at the same time? If you have what was it like? thanks.
There won't be much of a difference between the two source materials if it's only nndmt in your mix. The only thing I can think of is that acacia tends to have a higher amount nmt, which to my knowledge is the source of the "gooing" or "gunking" you'll sometimes see with acacia confusa, it's the stuff that kind of looks like marijuana wax.

Anyway, you might as well mix the two together if you have them handy. Rubbing alcohol (91% or higher) is pretty good at dissolving both nndmt and nmt, but has trouble with the harmalas/harmines that come from either caapi or syrian rue. I can't comment on how to go about dissolving harmalas properly since I usually make 10x leaf with my changa.

To make that, you take 10 grams of caapi leaf, simmer it (almost boiling, but not quite) in half a pot of water until it's down to about a half a cup to a cup. Then strain the water from the leaves using either a thin cotton t-shirt or with a good sieve. Finally, put 1g of fresh caapi leaves into that half cup of water and allow it to evaporate under a fan/on a windowsill.

I've smoked/vaped them using regular nndmt crystal mixed with the acacia goo, and the only differences I noticed from plain nndmt is that there was more of a body buzz that lasted for about an hour after the experience was over.

That said, my favourite mix for changa is - .8g 10x caapi, .2g blue lotus petals, 1g nndmt.

Good luck and happy travels!
You can mix DMT and harmalas 1-1 afaik.

Harmala alkaloids are actually unscheduled in the USA Removed by moderator and come highly recommended.
As far as leaf, that's personal taste, but you will need freebase of both (as opposed to salts of either). They will dissolve in pure isopropyl alchohol. You want to use JUST ENOUGH to dissolve it, and you want pure titration quality IP and at worst pharmacy grade 90+% since it is diluted in water which makes leaves gross and doesn't evaporate as quickly.
Like ^thatguy said, harmalas have a hard time dissolving, but that shouldn't be much of a problem as long as you stir well and make sure the gunk gets on the leaf. Good luck though. Let me know how it turns out.

This is a journey I am undertaking again very soon :) Maybe I'll see you there.
Love and Light, and Safe Travels, Wanderer.
Extract b. Caapi alkaloids. Add herb. Add dmt. I did them in ratio 1:2:2 e.g 200mg caapi 400mg dmt 400mg herbs. Could use passion flower. Blue lotus caapi vine leaf or peppermint etc as herb
. Works awesome. Flying away for +45mins on 60-120mg just in a pipe. If you're in a hurry warm water bath works fine
I would make 2 separate batches of changa. You can later combine equal amounts of both batches and still have a small variety to choose from.
The way i make changa is dissolve dmt with a small ammount of acetone/IPA/Ethanol and mix into your choice of smoking herb/herb blend (Caapi leaves/Harmala extract for example) with a ratio of 1:1 (1 gram DMT to 1 gram of herb)
and let solvent evap. Then i lay out on pyrex or small plate/dish and allow to fully dry/evap. .1 of your mix should contain a 50/50 mix of DMT and Herb (.05 DMt to .05 herb not including the ammount of harmala extract if you decided to add it).
Besides OP but vine extract is never mansked (and there's a reason for that), while rue extract usually is. To me, they both are therefore not comparable in terms of maoi power, and thus I would not consider X-gram of it as the-same. The mansked and re-FB'ed rue extract is also smoother in the throat and as said needing less of it. My 2 cents only.

loadet and cy6nu5 advise goes way overboard on the harmalas IMO, but then all is just individual and nothing can ever be wrong. Personal taste rules, end of story, everybody happy :roll:
loadet said:
Jees could be.. How much would you suggest/do u like.. Just tried it like that and fell in love with it.
There's no way not loving any combination :lol:
I mean that, it all has a special thing to cherish.

But since one cant have all possible combinations one has to make a choice somewhere somehow and last mix was 1gr deems, 1 gram leafs, 300mg rue extract FB'ed after mansking.

I add the *after mansking* because of indicating the maoi potency of the 300mg.
This potency would differ substantially if it was crude rue extract or even more different if it was crude vine extract, and even more different if it was evaporated a filtered rue or vine tea. Important details are way too usually left out when people speak of the material IMHO. In that light it is possible that your stated higher doses of harmalas end up reaching same maoi potency as mine while the weight differs. Weight does not equals maoi power unless we really do have same material/process done. So my earlier remark of your weight = overboard is actually premature, how could I ever know what maoi potency your weight has to start with? I was assuming you had same harmala maoi-power/weight ratio as me, but I should not assume so lightly.

Next time the cat will probably go for 200 instead of 300, as the harmalas shine still very heavily in the spectacle. All is there to love, nothing is ever wrong, but next time less of that harmalas 😉

I put 15 grams of caapi leaf in a crock pot for 12 hours. waited until I had about a half a cup of water. put the water and 1g of cappi leaf in a jar. once dried the weight was 5g, weird right? Since the weight was so high I decided to add 1.7g of dmt with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. All the DMT was from mimosa hostilis that had a re-x. I love my changa! Not as crazy as freebase and it lasts much longer. I'm thinking that it will go good with Psilocybin mushrooms.
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