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First time making changa

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Hey guys. First time making changa, and want to make sure I've done things right.

I took 450mg freebase dmt, 450mg freebase harmine/harmaline (Syrian rue extracted/purified), and 250mg of mullein. I used ever clear (95% alcohol) for the infusion

I followed the recipe from the psychonaut wiki, though I used slightly less dmt and harmalas.

It looks reddish orange, which doesn't line up with what I've been seeing in other threads. I also worry that I should've added more plant matter.

Does this look alright? Still drying, but almost done.

Also there's a ton of residue in the shot glass


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It'll look different after it fully dries, but it may be a result of using that much harmalas. I tend to only use a third of the harmalas for whatever amount of DMT I use.

If you let it "cure" longer in the jar, allowing the herbs and DMT to sit together in the alcohol, it'll help the DMT and harmalas more fully infuse the plant material, and leave less residue.

Can't wait to hear how it goes.

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IME, white DMT crystals get reddish with exposure to moisture, whether it's humidity in the air or "dried" herbs for the changa that probably still have some amount moisture in them and move to the DMT - never seems to hurt the effects though.

I plan on doing some testing in near future doing changa evaporation in a vacuum with desiccate to see if my suspicions are right that it won't look as red.

Do you know what the relative humidity is where you're evaporating?

Also, like Void mentioned, 1:.3 DMT to harmala ratio works out a little nicer. My first batch of changa was 1:1 like yours and it worked fine in general, but there were some nights I would make a session last for hours by repeatedly hitting the changa and after an hour of that I was wishing for enhanced herb with DMT only. Still a wonderful experience, but the next day I felt harmala hungover.
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