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first time...near death experience?

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So, i just came down from my first dmt trip...still can´t believe that i really came back back! I've messed around with it the last couple of weeks,never smoking a considourable amount and tonight i said, well let's do it,face your fear! In the past 8 years or so i did some mushrooms and acid, consider myself a experienced user in small to medium dosages...sooo i went down in the basement, were i've got a nice couch, bed and music...smoked a pre dosage and pretty much doubled the dose, i would say size of a peanut. I've got a vapor star vaporizer and lit it and the inhaled very slowly and pretty much got the whole thing in one time. What happened then is actually to strange to tell with words(sounds familiar doesn't it) i exhaled and it hit me straightaway it came so fast that i didn't hear no carrier wave,didn't see things morphing,just that it seemed that i was going at lightspeed for a moment:shock: . And then...absolute nothingness for a moment(or an eternity..) no feeling, no emotions, not positive neither negative...and then i remember some entities can't remember so good but the feeling i had died was all present, it was like a struggle, i went trough the deepest and most profound feelings, i felt guilty that i died...why are you here, where am i?And then the feeling that someone or somewhat was trying to help me, i really wasn't sure if i was dead or crazy yess..i remember entities can't really describe like jumping in and out of my sight, they were small and the whole surrounding was waaay to strange man...i was thinking of my girlfriend and my daughter and a moment i really thought they were all there trying to help me, the feeling like there was excitement all around me...and then little by little my surroundings became clear again but really like on 10 acid shots, cube like and little by little i remembered where i was and what i smoked...pure amazement,astonishment way way way more powerfull then i imagined. Some people say the whole thing goes so fast, but what boughtered me was that i forgot what happened in the moment, so it was really terrifying in a way, and i was so happy to be back man, just so happy that i wasn't stuck in this schizoparanoid vegetable loop man,and coming down was really the relaxing, emotional part. Could it be that i did to much..i didn't measure it out but eyeballed. I can just say that i have even more respect for it know and i'm a little scared now for the next time...Hope you guys have some comment on that...peace
If you smoked a dose of pure DMT, about the size of a peanut, it's no wonder you don't remember much of it. I think you'l remember more if you take a little less next time.
i couldn't find the right word, i meant the size of a pea...maybe a bit more. Nevertheless i really HAVE the impression that i was too much. A good scale would be a good investment i think.
Most definately. You don't need that much at all to fully breakthrough.
As long as you have an effective vaporizing technique.

Another thing is to take oral DMT (ayahuasca, pharmahuasca). It lasts longer that way and the transition is smoother. You'l be able to remember virtually everything you want.

You'l discover that ayahuasca is the most holy stuff there is.
I find it the most superiour psychedelic experience in the world.

Caapi and DMT realy belong to eachother, i would say.

Congratulations on facing your high-dose anxieties! well done!

I do think that a good scale is a worthy investment. Just make sure that you get a 0.001g scale.

Don't worry about next time. The Spice will surprise you time and time again. And I mean SURPRISE.

Just when I think I know what to expect she changes the rules.

My most disturbing experience was followed by my most blissful.

You may develop a feel or understanding that you will ALWAYS come back and an assurance that you will not become permanently "stuck in this schizoparanoid vegetable loop"

Release and surrender to it and you may be rewarded in ways which you cannot yet imagine. It changes.😉

Good luck (and buy some scales)
Sounds interesting, i've read a lot about it and definatly will try it someday...the thing about my experience is that i took a pre dosage 2 times before, so i used a bed of mj and peppermint and sprinkeled some spice on it once, smoked it waited till the effects diminished and then sprinkeled another time and smoked..then i said ok now it'S time! and put 3 times the dose on the same blend...so maybe i didn't fully smoked the previous ones and so this was then added by the last smoke...not very wise it seems!i just read frequently that users just smoke till they hit hyperspace whithout really measuring...maybe with the vaporstar my smoking technique is so good that i really smoke everything in one toke, so i should be carefull...
to you transitory,
thanks for the kind words...really heart warming!It seems that dmt-nexus is really filled with open-minded people...maybe one day the world will be filled with it!
I don't know, but it seems to me the zone you went to would have been pleasant, if not euphoric, had not you been so worried. Like that which is a terrible trip for inexperienced users, is par for the course for veterans, and therefore it changes everything.
Now that i slept over it i think you're right morphane, i think the problem were my thoughts...my mind gave this dying interpretation on the experience. But it was so hard to remember what happened,i could only remember that i smoked dmt at the end of the trip...some practice is what i need!
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