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First time trying LSD - Questions

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Hello everyone!

There is a beach music festival coming in June, with lots of people attending, and I think it's the perfect time for me to try LSD for the first time (purely for recreational purpose). My experience with "similar" substances is some recent sub-breakthrough doses of DMT that I had and smoking weed every now and then. I want to be able to dance or simply enjoy the music, have some visuals, perhaps realizations etc., but I definitely don't want to go out of mind, not knowing where I am and not being able to function. However, I also don't want a "meh" experience that will let me down. So I need to ask you:

- What would be the correct dose for me? I weigh around 85 kg and I am 1.97 m tall.
- How would you recommend I store the blotters so they last long enough and not lose their potency?
- Should I take it day or night?
- If, for example, say I get 100 ug LSD, does that mean that each little paper "tile" (I think that is what they call a hit) has 100 ug in it and I should take it whole, or should I cut it in half or I don't know what? :p

I would really appreciate it if you could help me out! Thank you! :)
IMO in public probably isn't the best place to do LSD the first time, but 100 mics is a good introduction to LSD, and if you're in public you probably want to keep it at 100 the first time. You also want to have at least one level-headed sympathetic friend to trouble shoot for you if you do acid in public.

150-200 mics is where the Shock and Awe begins :D
For storage: Wrap the blotters in aluminum foil preventing light from reaching them, then seal them in an airtight plastic bag or container, then place them in the freezer.

( be sure that they are sealed in a plastic bag as well as foil when placing them in the freezer to prevent any water or air from damaging the molecule. )

(remember, heat and light, and chlorine from tap water will destroy LSD)

LSD is an unusually fragile molecule and some comments are in order as to its stability and storage. As a salt, in water, cold, and free from air and light exposure, it is stable indefinitely. There are two sensitive aspects of its structure. The position of the carboxamide attachment, the 8-position, is affected by basic, or high pH, conditions. Through a process called epimerization, this position can scramble, producing isolysergic acid diethylamide, or iso-LSD. This product is biologically inactive, and represents a loss of a proportionate amount of active product. A second and separate point of instability is the double bond that lies between this 8-position and the aromatic ring. Water or alcohol can add to this site, especially in the presence of light (sunlight with its ultraviolet energy is notoriously bad) to form a product that has been called lumi-LSD, which is totally inactive in man. Oh yes, and often overlooked, there may be only an infinitesimal amount of chlorine in treated tap water, but then there is only an infinitesimal amount of LSD in a typical LSD solution. And since chlorine will destroy LSD on contact, the dissolving of LSD in tap water is not appropriate. -shulgin;TIHKAL

If you do not know how many micrograms of LSD are on each blotter you are going to have issues dosing accurately.

Do you know for sure that you have LSD?

(NBOMe series compounds, DOx series compounds, FLY series compounds, and other lysergamide compounds such as the xxx-LAD series, lysergic acid 2,4-dimethyl-azetidine, and 1-propionyl-LSD, are commonly sold on blotter papers as LSD)

-LSD is tasteless (if it taste bitter, it's probably not LSD)
-LSD illuminates under a black light

Though an actual test is your best means of confirming that what you have is in fact LSD.

Acid is a great ally but you gotta treat it with respect, also depending on the person you might not have visuals the first time, my first LSD trips where very pleasant but no visuals of any kind, while my best buddy tripped his balls off with the same kind of tabs, had a lot of hallucinations. for storage i use hemp rolling papapers unbleached (i use this so i dont touch the tabs with my hands directly ) then foil then wax paper and then a bag and then in a plastic container in the fridge(bit of an overkill but i rather play it safe).

my advise is try some acid before the festival, why? cause u dont know how it will affect you, I.E i get a really pleasant consistent trip every single time i've done it, physically and mentally it gives me a lot of clarity of thought after the peak, and now i always get visuals, and then there's people like my best buddy we started at the same time but his experience is hit and miss, a very few time it has been pleasant & for the most part he only gets visuals in my apt wich i find to be very peculiar in his crib he just paces and sweats, im guessing its anxiety, and feels normal around the 8 hour mark, also his body load is usually really intense and not at all nice, he needs to load up with several pills to control muscle spasms, he gets stomachaches, acid reflux and he cant think straight for a while, he's incapacitated for a good 2 hours, then he gets better and enjoys the rest.

I think that finding out for the first time how acid affects you in a public setting surrounded by tons of people might not be the best idea, best of luck and be careful, test your substances if you got a kit, if not at least know that acid for the most part is tasteless, u can get a slight metal taste but if its bitter (like licking a tylenol pill past the sugar coating in my case) that shit aint acid, trust me i did nbome's twice and it sucks compared to acid.

as far as taking it day or night its up to you really, i love both equally, just know that it can last for 8-14 hours, im around the 14 hour mark so i always plan my day ahead regardless of what time i wanna blast off.
U know DMT isn't like LSD.With DMT u can't speek walk of any social events.LSD is other thing figerent type of halliucinations.The color enchants and the patterns go somelike 3D but this is when u keep looking long time at pattern.For ex a foto become 100 video.But LSD isn't just halloucinator it gives a very special headspace and all inhibits go to gurbish.With 100ug u won't remember that like something big or just won't be big one.100 is relativle small doze and smallest dosed tabs are 100ug.U should take probably 200 and still have nice time dancing and be social.My first time took 220 and I coud more.But it doesnt depend from the dose it depends from u,what mind of person are u and do u feel confortable at those stages of mind.Some people freak with 80ug gettihg paranoya.SET SETTINGS is more important.Just take it and let it go don't think about the efect is simmilar to pot but stronger
Long time user of LSD here. If your going to a festival you will be around many happy and empathetic people more than likely. There is usually very good vibes at those things. I would cut your dose in half. Start low, feel it out, if you feel good take the other half and call it good for the night. Try to relax and just enjoy yourself. Don't build it up in your head too much as that could cause some anxiety. Go into it feeling good!

I like tripping at night. Just my preference. Day tripping is fine too.

This is dipping your toes in the water. Enjoy It! Only go to the next level of the pool when your ready. Have confidence in what you do and with your mind. Talk to yourself. Calm yourself if you start feeling off. Talk to others around you about how you're feeling. Many people at a festival will be receptive to any problems that could possibly come up. Also many festivals offer a safe place to go if it all gets to be too much. Look for the zendo tent or it's equivalent for non emergency harm reduction.

Have fun!!
I might be biased as my first time was at a festival and it was amazing. All the advice given already is great. I split my dose into two parts just like DmnStr9 has suggested with good results. I think that is wise for your first time, especially in a public place. I also found it incredibly reassuring to have an experienced tripper with me during the experience. If that's possible I highly recommend it.

Regarding day/night: You may want to consider the lineup schedule as well as when things will be their liveliest. I'm guessing that will be from sundown and into the night?

And make sure you know how to get back to your camp in the dark (or to any other important place for that matter)... It doesn't get easier on acid ;)
Thank you guys for your advice!
I read this post on reddit Different dosages of LSD explained and I think that 100 mics won't be enough and I should go for 150 mics. I believe I wouldn't want 200. What do you think of that? Also, I know that you build tolerance fast, so if I want to do it again the day after how much should I take? I am pretty confident that my LSD dosages will be +-10 mics of what they are supposed to be.

I want to have a hit with my friends one day before the festival, in a calmer environment where there won't be many people around, to chill and watch the sunset. Then one more, one or two days later, when the festival has begun and people will be swarming at the beach!
Regarding LSD, I would say less can definitely be more in a festival type environment, speaking from experience. I have had some truly sublime and magical LSD festival experiences, but also some that were really hard work, due to either too higher dose or non-optimal setting. Especially given the fact that it's your first time (and individual sensitives do vary widely with LSD, as with all psychedelics), I think it would be best to err on the side of caution and take 100 micrograms and go from there...there is nothing stopping you from having a 50 mic top up later on if you're digging the vibe. I do enjoy larger doses of LSD, but I much prefer these in my own environment or setting that I'm in control of with a very small group of people, or one other fellow tripper, I find I get much more out of that experience in that setting.
Sometimes the 2nd half of an LSD experience can be very different from the first. You may experience much more introspective thinking than usual and really need some space to chill out and just accept all the things that are coming at you. In a festival environment you can't really get that space, unless you're sat alone in a tent or a chill out zone. That's really not ideal.

I wouldn't advise a friend to take acid the first time at a fest, much better in home or safe zone situation.

I've been taking it for decades, and do it almost exclusively at home alone now. Not because of the wonderful 1st half, but because of the introspective 2nd. Because that is where most of the value as learning tool is found imho.
Ok, I probably am going to go for 100ug. Do you think I should split the dose in 2 50ug doses?
symbolic said:
Ok, I probably am going to go for 100ug. Do you think I should split the dose in 2 50ug doses?

No, eating a half tab of acid is like getting mentally blue balled. I find low doses of LSD to annoy me. If you were supposed to eat half, they would make a half hit.

100ug isn't that potent anyways, my first trip was 100ug and left me wanting more. It will be fine for now, but the full effects of LSD don't even become apparent until about 200ug. Don't go much overboard from that point on, though.

Seriously, though you don't want to be spun for so many hours without actually really tripping stuck in a limbo state that is nor here nor there. Don't under-dose, you'll regret not taking the whole tab.
Symbolic trust me LSD in low dose isn't a big deal,some people say it can be bad trip or something like this but this isn't dose problems is the people mind and ability to take drugs.If u are that kind of guy who never touch anything and don't like those stages of mind probably u can enjoy 100 or say 150 is too strong.If u are enjoying weed and drugs in jeneral no paranoia would be generated.And dose of 200~ acualy isnt hight dose.Is strong yes but nothing real overhelming or very strong.Just good feeling of dmt.
bionecrosis said:
If u are that kind of guy who never touch anything and don't like those stages of mind probably u can enjoy 100 or say 150 is too strong.If u are enjoying weed and drugs in jeneral no paranoia would be generated.And dose of 200~ acualy isnt hight dose.Is strong yes but nothing real overhelming or very strong.Just good feeling of dmt.

Hmm..that's why I thought going for 150ug would do it. I guess I'll try a 100ug dose before the festival and then decide for myself. Thank you guys, I appreciate your help! :)
I was once given 400ugs of LSD at a public restaurant, and had to find my way back home, which was quite far. It started out really euphoric, and even though I was in public I was relatively safe. I think I sat at the bus stop for quite some time just watching the cement by my feet, or the cars passing by, which looked fluid, and would stretch out like liquid limousines...

...Trying to get on the bus was a mistake, the girl with me left me on the side of the road with a head full of LSD, she got into someones car without even telling me and left, somehow I made it home. Even with the stress of being incredibly intoxicated on LSD in public I still enjoyed it. Taking the LSD was incredibly irresponsible, but at that point in my life that's how things were, it was "never think twice, live for the moment, and have incredible and outrageous experiences without fear or hesitation" it was a time of reckless experimentation and exploration, where I would take a trip half way across the country just because someone asked if I wanted to go, or would take psychedelics in strange situations without a second thought, I was free to do anything at anytime, and I would always take things to extreme levels... it was actually an amazing time in my life, though I'm not sure how I lived through it....

...the point being that even at this high dose, and in a stressful and undesirable situation, I still actually had a really good time, it was an amazing experience.

like Nike

just do it.

haha jk, one tab should be good to start, you're around my size and thats how much I took, although dosage really varies from tab to tab. some may be as low 50mcg others as high as 150mcg, although you'll most likely get 100mcg. Your first time is pretty crazy even with only one tab, dont do it alone and preferably do it at a house where it'll just be you and your tripping buddies or at least people that know of your plans and will be cool with it. just let it happen, except it for what it is, listen to some floyd and laugh at the fridge. also day and night are both pretty good.

have a good trip dude.
I can't help but feel that what people know as 100mics isn't 100 mics. A true 100 is a solid dose. My friend had a near ego death experience on 100 and really found himself but it wasn't an experience he'd have liked to be in a social setting for. I've also had very full on experiences with just 100 mics. Don't underestimate what 100 mics might be like.
although you'll most likely get 100mcg

It depends a bit where you're from. E.g. when I remember correctly the statistics of a central European drug testing institution, then the average LSD on a blotter was 70ug. And more than 25% of the tested blotters did have less than 50ug.
So generally you can assume there, that a blotter has less than 100ug. But best, if you can let it test, as some very few percentage was 300+ug.

Honestly. For me personally LSD isn't really made for festivals, except for low doses. I did it once, and regret it. E.g. I needed help from someone so that he would get me to a toilet. I wouldn't have been able to find it on my own.
Overall the amount of incoming sensory input was just too overwhelming for me.
But could well be, that this is just me.
IMHO just MDMA or maybe 2C-B are rather for festivals. Or if it is a longer one, then some lower dose DOM (for me the ideal substance for this).
But as said, maybe that's just me. I don't claim, it's like that for everyone.
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